The Run Streak... To Be Continued?

Celebrating at Green Lake!
I felt as if I needed to have a wrap up post to commemorate my first full year of doing a run streak.  Since I've certainly covered the benefits and things I've learned while streaking, I thought I'd address the question I've been asked the most: will I keep it up?  (Second most asked question: How many miles did you run? Answer: 1135.)

At this point, I see no reason to stop and it's become such a part of my life and routine.  It would be weird NOT to run every day.  The daily meditation of just being alone without distraction has become almost a necessity.  Even when I have true downtime, I am usually distracting myself with a book at the very least.  The 'type-A' in me also wants to complete an actual calendar year run streak.  Memorial Day as an anniversary is lovely, but I'm itching to run every day in 2015.  

My husband was the first to ask if I was going to continue, or if I could stop worrying about it now.  Certainly he was the most supportive of this whole venture.  But, there were days when I was pretty hard on myself to get that mile done.  Especially on those days where had a 102 degree fever, he would worry for me.  However, I almost feel like those runs helped me sweat it out!  If I ever encounter a full blown injury, the streak ends, no question.  But, as I said before, daily running has been helpful in keeping me well attuned to my body so that I can head off the littlest niggles and pains.  

Speaking of my husband, he's got a weekend trip planned to visit with his buddies in a few weeks and I'm definitely going to encounter difficulties trying to run while the kids are out of school and he's not home.  But, I'm sure I'll figure it out... 


  1. 1135! That's a lot of miles, go you. So proud :)

  2. Congratulations! That's a great streak.

  3. So I'm on Day 516 of my run streak. When I hit 365, I told myself I would keep going, unless I came down with the stomach bug again. I will not run through that again. Ever. It was horrific. And stupid. I'm so glad you've decided to continue! It truly is nice to have that time to yourself every day.