May Goals and April Recap

April Recap

Start birthday prep for the kiddos
The trip to the Great Wolf Lodge has been booked, the birthday dinner at Red Robin will go down this weekend, presents have been procured and I've got one birthday playdate done, one to set up.  I'm feeling on top of it!  Whew.

Get Easter Baskets
I went with a summer toy theme and their baskets were actually big sand pails with shovels, bubbles, chalk, sunglasses, and CANDY.  And some candy for me, natch.

Fill up our spring break
Man, it already feels like a million years ago, but we managed.  Lots of time at the Y, the park, a few nature hikes. 

(spotting Trillium on the Trillium trail)
and an outing to Elevated Sportz!

Enjoy The Blathering!

Keep up with my running schedule
Running didn't go quite according to plan, as I woke up with a wonky feeling in my back and leg after a killer bootcamp class a few weeks ago.  Maybe it was my first attempt at one-armed burpees?  Oof.  Whatever it was, I decided to take it easy for a bit and saw my chiro a few times.  I feel perfectly fine and just got back to a long run of 7 miles last week, 7.5 today, so I'm getting back to the routine.  But, I'm not really doing full-on speed workouts.  Just the long run and tempo for a little while longer.

May Goals

Get stuff for Teacher Appreciation Week
Our school makes it easy and gives an option for appreciating the teachers each day.  One day the kids can write a note or bring a flower, on another they can wear his/her favorite color or bring a school supply, etc.  

Execute birthday fun!
Organize, pack, get the dog ready and off to boarding, etc. before the Great Wolf trip.

Prepare and pack for VEGAS OMG
I must make a packing list before packing!  (I didn't do this before my mere one night downtown for The Blathering and totally forgot a USB plug adapter.  Thankfully I did have the cord for my iPhone and a nice man at the front desk gave me an extra adapter.)  Also schedule and do all those things one does before going on a toes, skin and bikini baring trip.  And I have to write down everything my sister-in-law will need to know, from getting the kids to school to what setting the toaster should be at for waffles ('cuz if that's wrong, woe!).  Lastly - get Kindle loaded up, awwww yeah!  

Complete a year long Run Streak!
I think running while in Vegas will be harder than it was to run while being really ill, but Memorial Day will be a whole year - the day after, 365 days, hopefully to be celebrated with running peeps!

Recover from Vegas and run the Brooks Trailhead 15K
Oh man.  I had toyed with the idea of trying to come close to my 15K PR on this same course.  But, after ramping things down last month and the Vegas trip, I think I'm just going to utilize it as a (super awesome) long run. 

Take the car in for scheduled maintenance
If only to turn off the little notification that greets me every time I start my car.


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