The Blathering

I had a hard time explaining The Blathering to my friends that don't really read blogs, or aren't on Twitter - yes, those people exist!  'So, it's a blogging conference?' Well, no.  Here's the gist, from the website:

The Blathering was born in 2009, when a group of friends wanted a blogging conference without the sessions and networking. We simply think every blogger needs a little face-to-face time with her best blogging friends in a no pressure environment.
Each year the Blathering picks a new and fun location and organizes a casual itinerary that mainly revolves around a lot of great conversation and good food. Most importantly, everyone is welcome to the Blathering — seasoned blogger or internet newcomer. If you think that doesn’t mean you, it does. Join us!

I've followed a number of these gals for YEARS. (I mean, not terribly long after meeting Jen Lancaster and following her blog over ten years ago.)  Much, much later, when I started this blog, I thought about maybe going to and finally meeting some of them.  And lo, Seattle was the city chosen last year and I JUMPED on the opportunity to join in the fun.

I'm so thankful that I was able to connect with so many different people and expand my circle of internet buddies.  Everyone was very inclusive, contrary to the bad rap that women are catty bitches.  (And certainly, I've met one or two since blogging - but they are just few and far between.)  As with Bird Camp, my 'pocket friends' inevitably end up being awesome people in 'real life.'  And the organizers are so welcoming, almost to a fault.  I mean, if I were planning a yearly get together with MY best friends, I don't know if I'd open it up for dozens of others to join in!  But that's just what these amazing ladies do every single year, organizing one hella entertaining weekend for old and new friends to enjoy.  Thank you Jennie, Elizabeth, Maggie and Emily, from the bottom of my heart!
me and Jennie
Okay, so here's the minutiae of my weekend for posterity (and some good ideas for your next visit to Seattle).  I thought I'd save some cash (and a few brain cells) by abstaining from draaanks and driving to events the first day.  For lunch I had my first meal at Etta's and finally tried Tom Douglas' signature coconut cream pie.  It was lovely, but I hold firm that his fresh donuts at Dahlia Lounge are the best dessert in town.  After going home to relieve my husband of sick kid duty for a few hours, because OF COURSE, I headed on over to Maggie's house for our catered dinner and gift exchange!  So much fun and I was so glad to finally try her bakery's treats.

On day two I packed my bag, kissed the kids' slightly less feverish heads goodbye and headed straight for our first activity of the day: eating dim sum like it was my JOB.  Afterwards, we headed over to the Seattle Public Library, which I have walked by a bunch of times and taken pictures of when I was a visiting tourist.  However, I've never set foot inside.  I know.

So gorgeous.  I also perused the books, because I could certainly check out a book.  The King County Library System is awesome that way - kinda like Redbox, I can hold or return books to/from any library in the system.  Alas, I figured it would be a pain to carry a book around all day.  Then we moseyed over to the Columbia Center and the Sky View Observatory.  Again, a destination I had not yet visited in Seattle.  Oh, and I have failed to mention, this whole time, this whole weekend, the city decided to show off and give us a clear, sunny and warm summer-like weekend.  The views were awesome and all the mountains were out.

I then enjoyed a nice stroll around the market and went to go check into my hotel.  By the time I made a decision on what night to stay downtown, the room rate for our group was sold out at the Waterfront Marriott.  But, I was glad to get a lovely room at The Moore Hotel - a really affordable (like $100 for the night) boutique hotel attached to the Moore Theater.

After a quick shower, I enjoyed the silence and chillaxed like a BOSS:
(A Caffe D'arte across the street from the hotel was CLUTCH, and yes I put on my pjs in the afternoon for lounging.)

At the dinner hour, I headed over to meet everyone at the Steelhead Diner.  Very tasty food and YUMMY cocktails.

I also tried a Moscow Mule at Rachel's Ginger Beer before finishing up the night at Kells Irish Pub and eventually the lobby of the Marriott, which was HOPPIN' on a Saturday night at nearly 1 o'clock in the AM.  Seriously!

And there was, of course, much laughter, hi jinks and bonding with really, really awesome people.  They announced that next year will be in VEGAS, of all places!  Even though I'm going next month, I might just try and finagle it...


  1. Lovely recap! I really enjoyed meeting you (& sharing that pie at Etta's) I'm also glad you were able to escape the Sick & have a quiet night in a hotel room. BLISS! :)

  2. Lovely recap! I really enjoyed meeting you (& sharing that pie at Etta's) I'm also glad you were able to escape the Sick & have a quiet night in a hotel room. BLISS! :)