This Weeks Eats 4.19.15 (and First Dim Sum Experience!)

The days after a little vacay are ROUGH.  Even one where I was only gone a day and a half!  Although, we packed in a LOT of fun stuff.  (I got to be a tourist in my own city, and even do things that were new to me - I'll recap soon.)  Staying up until the wee hours of the night having cocktails probably didn't help either...  So!  Menu planning got postponed one day.  This is another reason pizza night on a Monday is the best.  Also the best?  I finally had dim sum!  Our local Blathering organizer, Maggie, married into a Chinese family and her father in law picked his favorite place for us AND the menu.   

Now I get why most people want to go lie down after eating dim sum, though.  Hoo-boy, I was full.  The experience seems to create a sense of urgency.  Every time something new came out (and it seemed like it was never ending), I felt the need to rush and put it on my plate.  Hurry!  Before it's gone!  Must try it all!  Of course, there was always plenty.  Several things I've certainly eaten before, but not in a family style setting and not as spectacular tasting as O'Asian.  The salt and pepper calamari was the best I've ever had - absolutely perfect, as were most of the dishes.  Highly recommend if you're in Seattle. 

I'd also recommend the spaghetti dish we made last week.  It was a nice way to kick up what would otherwise be a plain pomodoro pasta with some pancetta.  We only put half the recommended amount in, because I think that pancetta (like bacon) can overpower a dish.  Also, you can get it pre-chopped/cubed in little packages from Trader Joes.  Making this recipe even easier!

This week:
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  1. Just to clarify - you guys ate at O' Asian?

    1. yes, O'Asian! now I wanna try Din Tai Fung, of course.