April Goals and March Recap

My list for March was super short, but I've got a lot on my plate in the coming months to make up for it...

March Goals

Run a smart half marathon.  I think that I did this so well, that I can just throw the other two goals out the window!

Recover and decide on a new running goal/plan. Well, I've definitely 'recovered' and have done a speed workout or two since the Lake Sammamish Half.  But, I really haven't settled on a goal race.  However, I've put into practice a running schedule of one long run (at least 6 miles), one half marathon paced run (at least two miles with a warm up/cool down) and one 'other' run (interval, tempo, trail) per week, along with two cross training days (usually two bootcamp classes, or one and a trip to yoga).  I think this should keep my base mileage in a good place (and keep me from going crazy) while I still think about a goal race.

Trail running is always the most fun 'other' choice.
Read at least five books.
I read four and a half - so close!  In my defense, we got HBO this month and totally caught up on Girls and Game of Thrones.  I'm so excited not to be a year behind now.  PLUS, I read The Paying Guests which is nearly 600 pages. So.  Maybe I'll get this accomplished next month.

April Goals

Start birthday prep for the kiddos.
Both have birthdays in early May, so it's a bit hectic for us.  We've decided on a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in lieu of a party again this year.  But, now that the kids are starting to form closer friendships, we're trying to also plan a fun, low key outing with a buddy or two.  I'm going to try my best to avoid Chuck e' Cheese, but I can't rule it out...

Get Easter Baskets
Yeah, we're not real religious around here, but does one categorize the Easter Bunny as such?  It's a nice excuse to enjoy a pancake breakfast, maybe some hot cross buns and relax while the kids are distracted by their goodies.

Fill up our spring break.
We might get a little stir crazy after nine straight days of family time.  It will be LOVELY to sleep in, not do homework, etc.  But I've gotta get in a special activity or two, even if it's a trip to the movies.

Enjoy The Blathering!
This is one of those gimme list items.

Keep up with my aforementioned fitness plan.
With Spring Break and The Blathering, this might prove to be a bit difficult.  I shouldn't have trouble keeping up the run streak (SO CLOSE TO A YEAR!), but I'm going to give it my best shot to get each of those workouts in every week. 


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