A Few of My Favorite Things

It's been awhile (over two months!) and this list is somewhat long, so I'll just jump right in: I finally succumbed to the allure of Baublebar.  I've been on their email list for the longest time and decided to get a couple of cute little pieces during a sale recently.

I got the Parallel Bar Ring and the Mini Cone Stretch Bracelet in gold.  I've always liked that Stella and Dot Renegade bracelet, but thought it's was just a bit too much for my everyday wear.  This little cone bracelet has a similar but more understated effect, I think.

Can I like something before I've even used it?  I'm counting down the days until it's time to bring this tote to the beach!
I've been using an old straw tote for the last few years and it only has two shoulder straps.  My go-to everyday bags all have a cross body strap, so I was SUPER delighted to get this in a beach bag.  It's Baggu for West Elm and it's on SALE now for only $29.99!

Last month I joined This is My Fave, a sort of monthly secret Santa/pen pal group and we exchanged our favorite stationery!  I sent my favorite, which is anything that suits your fancy from Shutterfly.  I have a number of personalized notecard styles from Shutterfly, but I went with a set of these whimsical, all occasion, cards to send to my 'pen pal.' 

They always have great deals, and usually ones for 10 free cards when you pay for shipping.  Whenever I see this deal, I snatch it up and get some stationery.

Then I received these!

How amazing are these cards from Elum Designs??  I think I might actually frame one...  Next month is our favorite kitchen item - a utensil, cleaner, towel, anything!  

I suppose this is really one of the kids' favorite things, but I love it because ZOMG it makes them excited to get in the bath!  All hail the Matchbox Mission: Marine Rescue Shark Ship.
My son spied it on a trip to Fred Meyer before the holidays and put it on his Christmas list.  We weren't sure if he'd really use it in the tub, as it has wheels on the bottom so it can be played with on land as well as sea.  But it has taken up residence in the bathroom and is the perfect thing to lure BOTH kids into the tub!  It has all sorts of little hidey holes and secret escape hatches and such.  I would have loved this toy at their ages, too.  No fights about getting in the bath: the gift that keeps on giving.  If you're looking for a big gift for a boy or girl aged 3 to at least 8, I HIGHLY recommend it.

Speaking of the kids, we've had our fair share of illness around these parts this year.  I received the Braun No Touch+ thermometer as a Klout perk a few months ago and MAN, it is truly awesome.  We had a forehead thermometer already, but you had to do some elaborate swipe from the forehead to the temple and I was never sure if I was doing it right.  This one is suuuuper easy - you just aim at the center of the forehead and push the button.  It will tell you if you need to get closer and even lights up green/yellow/red depending upon the severity of the temperature. 
Not the most fun, but one of the best Klout perks EVER.

It has been such a long time since I've shared what I've been adding to my running playlist!  (And, to be clear, I most certainly own 1989 and listen to it REPEATEDLY in my spare time.  All You Had to Do Was Stay is kind of my favorite - it reminds me of Abba.)  So, here's a big 'workout' song dump to make up for lost time.  My absolute favorite right now is Outside by Calvin Harris with Ellie Goulding.  It's got the perfect buildup to awesome crescendos, syncopated beats, dramatic strings - I just LOVE it.  Also loving: 

Praise You by Fatboy Slim (goin' retro)
Reflections by MisterWives
Leaving You by Audien
Push Play by Zedd
Break the Rules by Charli XCX, remixed by Tiesto
Never Been in Love by Cobra Starship, featuring Icona Pop
Heroes by Alesso

Videos embedded below for immediate ear gratification, enjoy!

Praise You:
Leaving You:
Push Play:
Break the Rules:
Never Been in Love:


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