This Weeks Eats 3.1.15

Our Ellenos Greek yogurt obsession has not slowed down.  Yes, I say 'our' because my husband is now on board with the special trips to Uwajimaya.  

This stash - a large container with muesli and two medium containers, one with fruit (marionberry) and one plain, will last us juuuuust about two weeks.  Lately I've been cooking up a batch of breakfast cookies to crumble over the yogurt.  Looking forward to breakfast is a REVELATION.  
I'm really enjoying these cookies from How Sweet It Is (pictured above) and these Muesli Snacking Cookies from The Kitchn.

Of the two new recipes we tried last week, the Thai Cashew Coconut Rice with Ginger Peanut Sauce is one we would make again, albeit spicier.  This was yummy, but with lots of Sriracha thrown on top.  This week:

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  1. All your meals look great, especially the Mexiacan Lasagna! The cookies look delicious too! I love Greek yogurt, I never realized how amazing it is!