This Weeks Eats 3.22.15 (and St. Patrick's Day Cooking Recap)

Seriously.  This cake was worth the effort.  Mostly for the frosting - BAILEYS FROSTING.  I enjoyed the taste of Guiness in the the cake, but I think if I make it again, I'd go for a little bit of coffee instead since it really intensifies the chocolate taste.  The beer might have detracted a bit.  However, the beer absolutely made this Irish stew fantastic.  We halved the recipe.  But in the future, I'd only half the meat, as there wasn't much of a stew going on when it was done cooking.  More of a concentrated sauce.  Still delicious, though.

And, in case you were wondering, we made a separate cake for the kids!  My mother in law always sends fun holiday care packages and included a box of pistachio pudding and white cake mix for a green pudding cake.
I rather enjoyed this cake as well, especially with my afternoon coffee.  I might have gained an extra pound or two this week...

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