This Weeks Eats 2.1.15

We are pretty proud of how our team played and are excited for the years to come.

But, oh man, we're still reeling.  I don't know what else to say, so I'll just get right to the food...

I forgot to check in on some new dishes we tried recently. The Thai Chicken Meatballs from Jo Cooks were super tasty, and we'll definitely make those again!  That same week, we tried roasted potatoes in the crock pot and a 'bang bang sauce' inspired salad and they were both just okay.  I think bang bang sauce is a bit rich for a salad, and the potatoes in the crockpot didn't really get crispy - they tasted like potatoes that you cook along with a pot roast, but there was no pot roast!  Going with what we know this week...
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