This Weeks Eats 2.22.15

Even though we don't get out to see as many movies as we used to, watching the Oscars is a tradition we keep.  For at least the last ten years we've made it a chili night.  Really, Sunday is always a good chili day.  We DVR the show (especially since the telecast starts at 5:30 PM on the West coast), and sit on the couch with our chili bowls after the kids go to bed.

Couch meals = best meals!  The Italian Pot Roast recipe from last week was definitely not a couch meal, but it was really tasty and we'd definitely make it again.  This week...
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  1. I've really got to learn how to make thai food at home! All of your meals sound delicious! I didn't watch the Oscars, all I heard about were the fashions!