February Goals and January Recap

I usually feel like January goes by at a snails pace, due to the post holiday blahs and the winter weather.  But this January has been fantastic and went by SO fast!  A snow day is something I still hope for, but we had a rather dry and sunny month and I took advantage.
  • Decide on a plan for the Lake Sammamish Half and get to it!  I decided on the Higdon intermediate half plan and it's going well so far.  This is the first time in a while that I've done multiple double digit runs and good intervals before a half.  So we'll see...
  • Keep up the run streak, of course. Day 256 today
  • Reign in the alcohol and dessert consumption/get back to a normal routine.  Holiday weight is GONE.  Yes!
  • Change the batteries in all of the smoke detectors - exciting! and done.
  • Get out and run the trails, maybe try and hit up a new one. Ah, the weather afforded me the opportunity to hit up a favorite trail with my husband for the first time in YEARS.  
Rattlesnake Ledge
It was more of a hike up and jog down than a run.  So I did do a mile run after we got home - just to be on the safe side of the streak. Because I'm crazy.

February Goals
  • Get my baby girl registered for Kindergarten, wah! This is one of those write it down just so I can immediately cross it off my list - did it today and it was very weird, to say the least.
  • Valentine's Day card completion for both kids.  Now that baby girl is writing her name, we've gotta put our nose to the grindstone and sit her down to write up a bunch of cards for preschool, while also convincing the seven year old to get 'em done.
  • Get a haircut OMG.  So, I was thinking that I'd grow my hair out all nice and long for a change, just to see what it'd feel like to have long hair.  And... I just can't. I can't even deal with the work that goes into making it look decent.  I have to get out the flat iron even after blowing it dry and ain't nobody got time for that.  Constant ponytails are rather boring and headache inducing!
  • Run a smart 5K.  This will be the first time in two years that I'll be running the Valentine's Day Dash.  The last go round was at the height of my injured-ness, so I'm excited to see what I can accomplish.  My A goal would be to PR (sub 25:29), B goal to get it in under 26 minutes.  If all else fails, I can certainly count on this race to be a good time!
  • Hit my Hot Chocolate 15K/5K referral goal.  This is a long shot, this is a big goal, but I gotta put it out there and try!  If you are local and want to do me a solid - please, please, please feel free to share this link to the Twitterz, or Facebook, or anywhere.  I'm trying to exhaust ever single option in my quest here :)


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