This Week's Eats

I hope everyone had an excellent weekend!  My poor baby girl decidedly did NOT.  She is having one of the worst weeks in her two years of existence...  Wednesday she got tackled repeatedly by a couple of three year old boys: a game of chase gone awry.  I was able to rescue her before they jumped on her a third time.  On Friday, another toddler took a bite out of her arm; thankfully, the skin wasn't broken - but it wasn't pretty:

And on Saturday, she tripped while running onto our back deck and lost half a fingernail and half a toenail.  She is just an accident waiting to happen.  I always thought my boy would be the one with all the bruises, scrapes, bumps and eventually stitches and broken bones.  Now I'm thinking otherwise.

I really don't have any good segue... so here's this week's eats with some attempts at some Chicago favorites:
  • Monday - Pizza!
  • Tuesday - Waldorf Salad (pushed back from last week because we decided to have a lazy night and went out for dinner)
  • Wednesday - Angel Hair pasta with tomatoes, peas, fresh herbs (basil/oregano/chives/parsley) and fresh mozzarella
  • Thursday - Garbage Salad (this is my attempt at an old Chicago favorite salad they used to make at Blackies with hard boiled egg, artichoke hearts, bacon bits, hearts of palm, onions and tomato with ceasar dressing)
  • Friday - Skillet Lasagna (from How Sweet Eats) with hot italian turkey sausage
  • Saturday - Flat Iron Steak with jerk seasoning, twice baked potatoes and roasted Parmesan green beans (pinterest experiment)
  • Sunday - Fajitas - my husband couldn't help but grab this at the grocery store, another attempt at the tastes of home:

I'm SURE it's gonna taste like Rick Bayless whipped it up in our own home!


  1. Aw, your poor baby! I feel for her. I was the same way when I was little, a walking ball of clumsy. She will be nice and tough when she gets to kindergarten! :)

  2. The Garbage Salad sounds delicious! I've been on a Cobb salad kick lately.

    Your poor little girl! Hopefully there weren't too many tears involved. :(

  3. I have a pile of those Rick Bayless things in my pantry...LOVE them. They make some of our boring, same old dinners taste a little different. Green Chile is my favorite!

    1. ooooh! we haven't tried it yet, but I value your food opinion rather highly and I'm excited to know you like them :)