Friday Things

Man, just when I think all is well and healthy with my running, something new and crazy happens.  I did 11 strong miles yesterday and had/have very little soreness, no muscles were tweaked, nothing's tight - WAHOO!  But, I got these horrifying blisters under my big right toe.  Wha-huh?  My shoes have about 250 mile on them, but I just ran 13.1 in them a month ago with no issues.  I'm hoping it was due to the heat, being my warmest long run EVER with temps already in the 70s by 7:30 am and I was rather sweaty.  Or I just ran TOO fast.  Yep, that's what I'll tell myself.

On that note, I must say that every summer there comes a time I am so grateful that we decided to install central air conditioning in our home.  I do not miss the days of reading the thermostat and having it tell me it's 85 degrees INSIDE my house.  Seattle peeps, hang in there, I hear it'll be over soon.  Or just give me a shout and, if I'm home, you can sit inside my house.

This video made the rounds on Twitter the other day and it just killed me; I have to share:

I think I used to talk like this when I was in college and still like to let those F bombs fly when the kiddos aren't around.  We even started saying 'jackrabbit' in the car, instead of our favorite: 'jackass.'  But, for awhile there, my son was calling people jackrabbits in a rather unfriendly manner.  Errrrr, dunno if that's really a good thing.  Now we just suffer in silence at jackasses on the road.  I digress...

Here's a fun Friday Thing: I won Oiselle's Fast Friday contest today!  Wooo hooo!  Soon this shirt, modeled by the very lovely (and lovely in real life) Kate Grace, will be all mine.  Check out her latest post on the Oiselle blog.

photo from www.oiselle.com

You, too can get in on the action and follow @oiselle on Twitter for a new #fastfriday contest every Friday morning. 

Oh, Carly Rae Jepsen, you've done it again.  Isn't everybody nodding their head along to this song now?  It's the perfect summer weekend song - hope everyone has a GOOD TIME.


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