Fitness Bucket List

I have an ever-changing list of fitness goals on my mind that I want to accomplish; some are in the near future, and some are true 'bucket list' items.  It was a lot of fun to finally get around to my task as a Fitfluential ambassador to make the list more concrete and put them all together in a Pinterest board.  Yes, many things are running related, but I got on a roll thinking about other fun things I'd like to take on...

Short term, I think it's no secret my first goal is to run a half marathon in less than two hours

Snohomish River Run
Source: http://snohomishriverrun.com/

I'd also like to do my next 5K in less than 25 minutes.

By this time next year I had better be on a Ragnar or (dare to dream?) a Hood to Coast Team!  I probably could have strong-armed my way on to a Ragnar team of bloggers who had an injured runner at the last minute; alas, it was the same weekend as our little family road trip.  DAMMMMMMIT.  And I rilly, rilly hope that a plan comes together so that I can run one of these with my fabulous Oiselle teammates. 

(I think they like this idea as well..)

I'd also like to get in more trail running, but it's sort of hard with the kids being so young.  Since there aren't any real trails right outside the doors of the Y, the only time I'd be able to trail run is in the wee early hours, and that's just not safe in my opinion.  When baby girl starts preschool, I'll have one day a week with a kid-free hour or so during the day and I'll be near a state park with trails.  Hopefully I'll be able to get in some training and try a trail race next year.

There are lots of little things I want to do soon-ish, like stand up paddle boarding, have at least one Crossfit experience, do some more yoga and hike Mount Pilchuck again with my husband.

Six years is too long between visits to this glorious trail

As far a long term goals, the first thing I thought of was to run a 5K with my kids when they are old enough.  Maybe big brother will be good to go next year when he turns six; he already LOVES kids dashes and usually wins.

ACTUALLY paying attention!

I'd love to do a destination race like Big Sur or the Nike Women's Marathon/Half Marathon in San Francisco.  And, yeah, it'd be cool to score a Tiffany necklace at the finish.  The ultimate destination, though, would be to go home for a race.  The idea of the Soldier Field 10 miler is really appealing: the time of year (late April), the distance, and finishing on the home of the Bears.

Getting back into swimming is always in the back of my mind and I'll definitely join the masters team practices one day at the Y, and maybe even compete with them.  Watching Olympics swimming coverage gets me itching to get back into the pool and race.

maybe I'm even faster than this girl here?

Whenever I tell people I swam competitively growing up and love the water, inevitably I get asked when/if I'm doing a triathlon.  Maybe in the next few years I'll try some open water swimming, perhaps the Islander Aquathon, and yes, one day I will break down and get on a bike.  It's the bike part that's terrifying to me.  I feel so out of control when I get going too fast and it's so easy to get badly injured - like fall down and break something/get stitches kind of injured...

What's less terrifying than racing on a bike?  Running a marathon.  And, well, that may be closer to the near future than long term... 

Eugene Marathon
Source: http://www.eugenemarathon.com/

But, I'll talk more on that subject another day.  It deserves it's own post.


  1. Don't be afraid of the bike! I discovered cycling when I got a stress fracture and it was the best thing that happened to me. It's a way to stay fit without the repeated daily stress to your joints that running can cause, and it's really fun. I probably got injured in the first place because I wasn't doing enough cross training, like cycling. Find a group and you'll be good to go!

    1. I definitely will, and you bring up a good point: it's FUN! Riding a bike really connects a person with their inner child :)

  2. Lots of great goals! I was asked to join a Ragner team this year - I just didn't feel ready for it yet. But it is on my must do before I give up running list.

    1. wait, wha? are you planning to give up running??

  3. Great post! I think we have a similar mindset lately :-) I am planning for more "serious" hiking, at least one good major hike a year, if I can make it happen. Then we share the goal of the first marathon, in April! I've also planned for my kiddo to get more into racing too, she's done a couple kids ones this year, and we're going to see if track & field is a fit next Spring. I have several friends working their kids up to 5ks right now, but my kiddo seems to have her daddy's "need for speed" thing so we're going to see what she's got in some sprinting :-) Sounds like we're both moms with a mission to stay busy and fit!

  4. Please please please let me into your relay! haha. Eugene sounds fun. I'm hoping to do the half maybe, but I promised a friend I'd run the Safari Park half in San Diego the following weekend so we'll see.