Mom's Day Off

Every summer my husband takes a handful of days off from work to go hiking, do fun family stuff, and (my favorite) to give me a 'vacation day' or two.  Not that he doesn't take the kids on his own quite a bit on the weekends, but I'm talking about a FULL day all to myself.  This summer is getting particularly trying for me and the kids; we're really ready for school to start around here.  The boy-child and I are kiiiind of at our limit with each other.  He's even asked, "When do I get to go back to school, mommy?"  INDEED.  So, I claimed a vacation day last week and didn't exchange a word with anyone under four feet tall ALL DAY.  Well, until at least 5:30 pm.  Here's what my perfect day looks like:

Wake up at 7am and leave the house by 7:30am (juuuust before the kids get up) for a long run.  I put in 11 rather enjoyable miles, maybe it's because I had a lovely solo day ahead of me to look forward to...

Come home to an EMPTY house around 9:45am (husband took kids to the Children's museum) to stretch, have a frozen banana/peanut butter/chocolate milk smoothie, and a long shower.

Sit on the couch in my compression gear, with my feet up from 10:30am until about noon checking email, twitter and writing.

Go out for late lunch to eat one of my favorite meals: eggs Benedict and hash browns.  Particularly, the eggs Benedict from Hectors with crab cakes in lieu of ham.  Mmmmmm...

Walk off lunch with some retail therapy utilizing birthday gift cards until about 3:30pm.

Sit with my Kindle and coffee (iced, it was the hottest day of the year) until 5pm.

The one itty bitty thing that was missing from the perfect day off was a pedicure, but I got some inexplicable blisters on that long run, so I didn't think that was a wise option.  Regardless, it was a perfect day.  Funny how this would just be called 'Saturday' fifteen years ago and not some major EVENT of 'me time.'  Back then, I would have pushed everything back by at least an hour or two to sleep in, probably would have gone to a class at the gym instead of running that far and taken a nap at 5pm so I could go out until 3am....  But, having these kind of days so infrequently makes them all the sweeter.

What does your perfect day look like? 


  1. Sounds wonderful! Thanks for posting this. I'm totally going to make it happen for me! Already plotting what the day will be like!

  2. Sounds like a great day. I have heard Hectors has great breakfast. i have only been there for lunch and dinner. I am a big fan of Jaks for breakfast though - so its hard to get me to try new spots when I know they will have good foods.

    1. haha, we're like that with Daniels - always talk about how we should maybe try something different (John Howie? El Goucho?) but when we're throwing down for a nice steak dinner, why fix it if it ain't broken? Although we may just try El Goucho downtown for our anniversary next month... We'll see if we can break out of the mold :)