Friday Things

Well, I managed to get 8.6 of the 9 miles I had planned on today; as I was finishing up my run I got a call from the coach at my son's sports camp.  I freaked out, naturally, only to have them tell me that he left his backpack open and his snack was taken by a crow.  Um, okaaaay...  He was rather upset about it (yes, he's five) and they were wondering if I was close enough to bring him a new snack.  Er, I'm out on a run and could be there in less than twenty minutes, but can you maybe ask the other kids to share?  Or something?  PEOPLE. It's three hours - I think he'll live!  This is not Defcon 1 here.  I'm thinking they probably could have handled it without me.  But as I hung up, I hemmed and hawed about what a bad mother I am, that I shouldn't have been more than 10 minutes away, that my kid was probably having an epic fit, and, and, and...  So my head just wasn't in it anymore and I cut my run a tad short, only to pick up a very contented boy who snagged a Cliff Kid's Z Bar (which was what the crow took, by the way) and some baby carrots off the other kids.  I should send him to camp sans snack more often!

Here's some random fun from the internets this week.  Via Whoorl's facebook page: someone has added a recipe for ICE on Food.com.  The comments are fantastic fun.

I think we might have to finally trek down to Point Defiance Zoo!  Lauren shared this on Twitter the other day and I just about died - watch to the end.

As many folks are aware it's Hood to Coast weekend and if you want to follow some of the action, check out #NuunHTC on Twitter - many great gals are running for Nuun

Since I shared quite a few songs yesterday, instead of adding a new one today, I thought I'd compile my list and just add to it every Friday so it's all together in one place.  I linked to Amazon because I have an Android phone and that's how I buy/listen to my music.  Hope it helps if you're looking to change up your playlist.  Happy Weekend!

Beautiful People - Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi (8/23/12)
Ass Back Home - Gym Class Heroes (8/23/12)
The Veldt - Cover Pop tribute to Deadmau5 & Chris James (8/23/12)
Without You - David Guetta feat. Usher (8/23/12)
Good Time - Owl City feat. Carly Rae Jepsen (8/17/12)
Addiction - Medina (8/3/12)
We Run the Night - Havana Brown feat. Pitbull (7/27/12)
The Night Out - Martin Solveig (7/20/12)
Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells (7/13/12)
Sun is Up - Two Times (7/06/12)
Steam Machine - Daft Punk (6/29/12)
Arguru - Deadmau5 (6/22/12)
Now or Never - Outasight (6/15/12)
Major Tom - Shiny Toy Guns Remix (6/08/12)
Young Blood - The Naked and Famous remixed by Tiesto (5/18/12)
Call me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen (4/6/12) ok, I never knew this song would get so out of hand - it was my first Friday Things!


  1. The crow stealing snacks story made me laugh out loud, how random. Glad all was ok!

    1. haha! believe me, once they told me why they were calling - I had to try really hard not to just bust up laughing.

  2. I think we all go thru the "I'm a horrible mother..." thing now and then, ha ha A crow, whoa! Great music list ... I may have to steal some myself! I've had the David Guetta "Without You" for a while now. I'm thinking I need to comb through some straight-up Usher and see if anything else will work. I've recently added new Train and Matchbox Twenty :)