Lazy Day in Picutres

Our beloved Y closes one week every year for maintenance, and it's always the week before school starts.  Blargh.  We've gone over to another Y a few times, but it isn't in a good neighborhood for running; plus I don't think they have the same lenient policy about leaving the building as our Y does.  So, yeah, I'm sick of the treadmill and my legs are, too.  Therefore, I'm declaring it an easy week and took an extra rest day today to be lazy with the kids before the early morning alarm days of school start next week...

After a late wake up around 7:30, we lounged on the couch with cartoons until 8:30 and I made pancakes (usually a weekend only deal).  And we finally ventured out of the house by 10am - crazy late for us!

First a trip to the library.


Then we hit our favorite lunch spot: Jimmy John's headquartered in Champaign, IL - the hometown of my Alma Mater, fyi. Go Illini!

Fed some crazy ducks.

Got dessert.

And then we spotted a tall ship at the marina that was giving free tours.  WIN.

Never know what fun might be lurking on an unplanned rest day, perhaps the Lady Washington and hopefully fresh legs...


  1. My kids would have died of happiness if a giant ship like that gave us a free tour.

    1. I thought for a minute there that my son might pass out by about the 20th time he screamed 'we're going on a PIRATE SHIP!!!' :)