Friday Things

Oof, I wonder if there's such a thing as 'delayed tiredness onset' - much like 'delayed muscle soreness onset.'  I felt just fine all day yesterday after taking my first crack at an early run, even during a nearly two hour park playdate running around after my kids.  In many ways, that felt more exhausting than running ten miles.  But today I broke into my morning coffee stash instead of drinking my usual decaf in the afternoon and I'm just starting to perk up a bit...

If you like reading Young Adult books, I highly recommend checking out the list NPR has just compiled.  I've checked off 32 and have one ebook on hold from the list.  Also, this was a great one that Not Martha shared awhile back, if you liked the Hunger Games, here's a cool little flowchart for your enjoyment:

Although a glaring omission from both lists, and a MUST read in my opinion, are the City of Ember books by Jeanne DuPrau.  At nearly ten years old, I think this series set the stage for many books to follow.  Not in the same way as Ray Bradbury or Lois Lowry, per se, but still worth recognition.

Moving on, I have to share the latest funny or die because it stars one of my favorite entertainers of all time: Simon Pegg.  And you've probably already seen the other Olympic funny goin' round: McKayla's not impressed.  (Just in case you haven't, check out the fun the Oiselle HQ ladies had with it here.)

My Friday song really helped light a fire under me on my long run.  The Rockstarr album by Taio Cruz is really fun, but this remix of Dynamite is one of my favorite tunes.

Happy weekend!


  1. I read the Uglies Trilogy (although it's not really a trilogy since they made a 4th book) and I LOVED all 4 books. Cool to see them on this flowchart! Did you read Uglies?

    Also, I totally believe in Delayed Onset Tiredness :) I will be revved up for no good reason for a day or two and last through so many things and then start dragging...

    1. oooh, yes, I've heard good things about Uglies and have put it in my 'to reads' on Goodreads!