Year of Running 2014

I'm so glad that Miss Zippy is doing this link up again!  It's a fun way to reflect on the year in running.  Here's last year's, and here goes for this year:

Best race experience? 
I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed the Seattle Rock n' Roll half marathon.  It SO COOL to do the whole VIP thing and meet Apolo Ohno, as well as have a yummy brunch with lovely local peeps afterward.  

But even without all of that, I really enjoyed the course, it was really well organized and fun.  I ran it less than a month after my worst half with the goal of just enjoying myself.  Which I totally did and even went a bit faster.  

Best run? 
My second leg of Ragnar, the night leg over Deception Pass Bridge.  NO QUESTION.  
The new fancy Ragnar lights for the bridge were awesome.  But also I loved my long downhill coast through the woods on my way to the bridge, while the cars lit the majestic trees.  And Ragnar just makes me happy!
Best new piece of gear?  
I think this was the year of good footwear!  I did a lot of running in Brooks Pure Cadence in 2013, and I don't think they did me any favors.  I love the way they feel and look, but they just weren't right for me.  I went back to the Adrenalines and they felt so clunky.  So I tried the Ravennas and looooooove them!
I'm already on my second pair and am feeling really good running in them.

Best piece of running advice you received? 
Ah, will it always be Lauren Fleshman giving the good advice?  But she gives the BEST and most inspirational advice!  During our retreat in Bend, she talked a lot about goals and making sure that they have meaning to us and not be about external influences/expectations.
Since I've been THISCLOSE to a sub 2 hour half marathon, it's just something that's stuck in my head and seems to be an obvious goal.  But, really, is it something that is meaningful to me?  I'm not so sure.  I kind of love my run streak goal, it just feels like me.  I love the daily check-in with my body and having this challenge to keep me on task.  I DO still want to get faster, and did get at least one PR this year.  I've even signed up for the race where I set my current half PR.  But I really like the idea of continuing the run streak, obviously, and to work on speed for shorter distances.

Most inspirational runner?
Argh, this question is always so tough!  I must say that I'll never forget hanging out at a bar in the early hours of the day screaming at Meb as he won the Boston Marathon.  That was really amazing to watch.  I also really enjoyed watching Deena Kastor set the world masters record for the half marathon.  I loved listening to her on the Another Mother Runner podcast.  She just seems really down to earth and infectious with her love of the sport.  And, as always, all my running friends and teammates who inspire me daily.  Which, come to think of it...

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?  
I can do just one word: Inspired.  Our Bird Camp retreat to Bend was a big part of the year and you just cannot help but be inspired by so many women from all walks of life coming together and encouraging one another.  It was really something special and I can't wait for next year!  I also feel like I'm starting to get back some of the speed I had back in 2012 and I just feel healthier.  Running every day has made me inspired to run that much more.  


  1. Fun post to read! I thought a lot about the goals and not letting external influences define me after camp too. I'm wondering if that 50K goal I thought I had is really about me - because although I love running trail, I don't really know WHY I thought I wanted that. (Also I'm a klutz and keep hurting myself on long trail runs...)

  2. How fun that you went to bird camp! A whole lot of awesomeness going on there. And you are among many who lists Ragnar as their top race of the year. They must be onto something!

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. Congrats on a great year! I really hope to do Ragnar one day, it looks like an amazing experience! And finding the perfect pair of shoes is definitely a great feeling!