December Goals (and November Check In)

Recap on November Goals

Post every day on the blog for national blog posting month (NaBloPoMo).  
Really pleased with this goal met.

Keep up with the run streak.
Still goin' - 192 days and counting.

Try some new classes while I'm not training for a race.  
I tried Barre3 and Flywheel

Go to the chiropractor.  
Fail. With sickness sweeping through our house and the holiday, I just didn't get it in.  Maybe this month...

Get shopping and prepped for Thanksgiving.
Ah, t'was a lovely turkey day.

December Goals

On one hand, I want to reeeeelax in December.  It's my favorite month of the year, kicking off with a visit from Grandma (and this year BOTH Grandmas!).  The homework has eased up - we have a family traditions project to work on throughout the month, rather than the usual reading/spelling packets, which is WAY more fun.  And soon, there will be two weeks off of school!  Normally I am a fan of school.  But around the holidays, we have enough fun stuff going on to keep us busy.  I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune by January 1st...  Anyway!  As much as I want to kick back, there's always a list of stuff to get done in December.

  • Set up and decorate the tree.  Done!  (Sometimes you've gotta put something on your list, just so you can cross it off.)
  • Hang the outdoor lights.
  • Get all the Christmas shopping done.  I'm not too worried about this as it's early yet, and we have Amazon prime.
  • Send out holiday cards.  I'm feeling pretty accomplished already, since we've taken our annual family pic and the cards have been ordered.
  • Make and deliver gifts for teachers.  I usually make bark and include gift cards in a coffee mug or some such reusable container.
  • Make an appointment to see the eye doc first thing in January and maybe squeeze in a visit to my chiro. My contacts are almost gone and I'm waiting until January, when those flex spending dollars kick in, to renew my prescription.
  • Decide on Christmas day menu and get shopping.
  • Keep up with ye olde run streak!


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