Saying Goodbye to our Beloved Family Dog

Where do I even begin?

The beginning..

the first bath

the first time we tortured him with clothing (the pic never fails to make me laugh out loud)
the first time we brought one of those screeching things into the house

his big adventures

or the daily rituals (doin' dishes)
his favorite daily ritual, his specialty...

He could alway tell when someone needed a snuggle.  Photo of my mom, courtesy of my mom.
how he was very much a central part of our family
It's been a really hard few weeks around our house and we had to say goodbye to our beloved pug Peeps today.  Earlier this month, on World Cancer Awareness Day no less, we learned that he had cancer and mere months left to live.  He developed some sores on his skin and had been acting a little 'off' having a few accidents in the house and such.  After getting a biopsy we got the terrible news that he had a type of lymphoma, of all 'effing things.  Apparently it's the cancer that likes to kick me in the gut.  We kept him hopped up on prednizone for awhile, but knew we wanted to send him to the big snuggly couch in the sky before he really started suffering.  This is by far has been the hardest thing we've ever had to do, and it's pretty much the saddest we've ever been in our lives.  He was our first baby and part of this family less than a year after it started.  I grew up with dogs, and have memories of utter sadness when I learned the family pet had died.  But I was never on the deciding end of these things - not the one to bear the burden.  It is excruciating.  It is horrible.  I am bereft.  But, oh, these nearly 11 years of wonderful sweet fuzzy companionship have been worth the pain.  Thinking on this old bit from the great comedian George Carlin helps me to cope with the tragedy I knew I was in for when we took him home: the whole video is great, but starting at the 2:19 is what I'm talkin' about.  I know SO many young couples (just like we were) and families who have added a little furry love to their family recently and I wonder if I could bear it again.  I know we will.  Of course we will.  Now I know that I'll be that much more appreciative of every day I get with that new little furball.  But Peeps...  Peeps the pug will always be the one that came first in our hearts.  


  1. My heart is breaking for you and your family! So incredibly sad and sorry to hear about this news! I can only imagine that Peeps pretty much lived the most wonderful life with the most wonderful family and left this world the happiest a pug could be…which we all know pugs know how to be happy :). XOXO!!

  2. I'm so sorry Andrea. It is never easy to say goodbye to a pet. Peeps was a very lucky pup to have such a loving and wonderful family. Hugs to you guys.

  3. I echo the previous comments. It's never an easy decision no matter the circumstances. Sometimes it really sucks being a grown up. I can fully relate to what your are going through, our beagle was also diagnosed with lymphoma with only days to live about a year ago. He obviously had an amazingly loving family and cherished every moment he had with you.

  4. Oh goodness, i'm so sorry Andrea :( Loosing pets is so heart-wrenching. Hugs, friend.

  5. Oh wow you just shattered my heart. Well written. He was a beautiful animal. Such a good boy