This Weeks Eats 3.2.14 and My Perspective on Food

Thanks so much for all the supportive messages, tweets, comments, etc. last week.  We're all doing much better around here, it's good to be able to move on and not see our little pup suffering.  However it's very obvious how much of the dog routines are ingrained into the minutiae of our lives.  I started to say 'bye, Peeps, be a good boy' as I left the house the other day and I constantly look outside to check on him when he's clearly not in the backyard.  I've had a great weekend of simple pleasures/distractions with a great race on Saturday, followed by brunch with running buddies; which is pretty much the best thing to do on a weekend morning.  And, of course, the best thing to do on a Saturday night is have a nice dinner with my husband and watch a new movie - especially one with Chris Hemsworth in it.  Mmmmm, hmmm. 

Speaking of simple pleasures, I think it's pretty obvious that I find food and cooking one of life's greatest.  Everyone should go and check out my teammate Danielle's recent post on Keepin' It Real, as it got me thinking about addressing the way I do my thing in this little corner of the internet, especially with my recipes and This Weeks Eats.  I am obviously not a skinny person, never plan to be, and don't really care as long as I feel good, fit into my favorite clothes and my doctor is happy.  I love to eat and don't think cutting out any one thing exclusively will ever be for me.  Yes, I even eat at McDonald's on occasion!  Mmmmm, yummmy chemicals!  Hopefully it won't kill me dead eating there, oh, three or four times a year.  My menus are most likely considered utterly gluttonous to many in the healthy-living, running, etc. community, of which I am a small part.  To me, cooking alongside my husband (things involving lots of cheese! or kale, which I actually like! but also carbs and gluten! yes, sometimes brown rice, too! but, then, more cheese! basically, all the things!) is what makes life worth living, and is not mutually exclusive with running.  

Mmmm, last Saturday's dinner of Baked Ziti, full of enemy #1 and #2! Gluten! Dairy!
So, I apologize if I occasionally have a recipe that includes a can of Campbells cream of mushroom soup, not made from scratch - eeep!  Or, I promise to include them, in moderation, depending upon your point of view.  OK, moving on...
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  1. I love your food philosophy- it's very balanced, and I'm sure benefits your kids to see such a healthy approach modeled for them!

  2. Oh my goodness - those Buffalo Chicken Tacos look amazing. And I have 1/2 bag of slaw to use up. Perfect!

  3. Finding the balance and what works for you is the best philosophy for food and most things in life. Thanks for linking up! Spicy Avocado Enchiladas sound delicious!

  4. Love your food philosophy, couldn't agree more. That Thai Meatball Salad looks amazing!!