March Goals and February Check In

February Check In:
Start following a 13.1 plan to start increasing mileage/get ready for the Hot Chocolate 15K 

Alas, I had some scheduling conflicts come up and wasn't able to run Hot Chocolate this year.  But I really wanted to race, so I did a 5K on Saturday instead (will recap soon!) and this actually fit better into the plan!  So, operation mileage increase is going along nicely.  Now I should maybe pick a half to run in the Spring...

Get things for the kids Valentines in a timely manner (no scrambling at the last minute this year!!) and work on them a little bit each day.  

Yay, I'm so glad this goal is over and done with.  We did the valentines on a Saturday and the party wasn't until Wednesday, so I'd say this was done in a very timely manner.  Plus I got to volunteer at my son's school for the party, which was awesome.

Drink more water; at least 72oz a day.  

So, yeah, this one's a do-over.  I need to work on this again!  I get through 48oz easily by mid afternoon and then I pretty much stop drinking fluid altogether.  Maybe because my thirst from morning exercise is gone?  
Get up early on Thursdays to do an extra cross training workout.  

Well, I did the one extra workout per week; but with mid-winter break at school, all the vet appointments with the dog, sick kids, etc. I only got up early once to fit it in, and mostly did them on the weekend, or while my littlest was at school.  But I'm still counting that goal met and will continue to get it in early when I can.
Schedule time with the tax man. 

Scheduled and done!  Always a nice time of year; in related news, we got a new mattress and I never want to get out of bed.  Never, ever.

Goals for March 

  • Drink that 72oz of water a day!
  • Start going to yoga.  I got another Groupon, but I will not let it languish like I did the last time I bought one.  I have a buddy that goes to this studio so I have an incentive!
  • Figure out Spotify.  Pandora is starting to annoy me a bit and I hear Spotify is all the rage - I shall report back...
  • Get back to monthly photo posts.  I was about to do a February one and realized that I never did January!  These are posts/collages I really enjoy having and organizing them helps me keep our photos organized in general.
  • Pick a half marathon to work towards, eeeep!


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