This Weeks Eats 3.23.14

My husband and I were pleasantly surprised to find out our favorite babysitter was home for spring break this week!  We promptly took advantage of a last minute night out on Saturday.  I hemmed and hawed, scanning many a Yelp review, trying to decide on a new restaurant to try.  In the end, I just decided that all I really wanted was foofy martinis and some bang-bang shrimp (to die for appetizer) from Bonefish Grill.  It'd been years since we'd gone there, so we bagged the idea of something new in lieu of something we know we'll enjoy.  I think I'm becoming a curmudgeon in my advancing age.  The handful of times I've steered us outside of what we know and love over the last couple of years, the end result was always 'meh.'  I'll probably try to hold us accountable for trying at least one new restaurant a year; beyond that, we'll stick with the happiness of a fantastic and familiar meal!  Mmmmm, like our favorite salad, which I'm making this week...

At least I make at least two new meals a month at home, right?  

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  1. Oh fun! Last minute date nights are the best!

  2. Everything looks really delicious! I've been striking out at trying new restaurants lately...sometimes it's good to stick with what you know...saves you money! :)

  3. My husband and I have had so many crappy meals at different restaurants, that we usually go to the tried and true for dinner, but will try something new for lunch, which is a lot less expensive.