This Week's Eats 2.16.14

We're not big Valentine's Day people, but we did use it as an excuse to pick up our favorite Trader Joe's dessert (chocolate lava cakes from the freezer section) and a slightly more expensive bottle of wine than our usual for Saturday dinner.  I also whipped up Shutterbean's Banana Walnut Baked Oatmeal for us all to enjoy over the long weekend for breakfasts: YUM.

The Easy Sesame Chicken from last week was truly easy, as well as tasty.  We added some carrots and roasted broccoli, which made for a fantastic dish over brown rice.  I didn't end up making the new risotto dish because I assumed that we had a key ingredient in the pantry, which we did not: risotto.   Whoops. So we threw together a quick and easy Pomodoro over angel hair pasta instead, since we always have tomatoes and pasta on hand.

This week:
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  1. How did I not know TJ's had chocolate lava cakes in the freezer? Yum!

  2. The baked oatmeal looks soo good!, will definitely save that for later!

  3. I've got a baked oatmeal recipe which I believe is similar. I love the taste of the bananas, but find them visually displeasing, so recently used chocolate chips and pomegranate and nixed the bananas. It was just as good as it is with bananas, I'd say, but prettier.