January Goals Check In and February Goals

Goals from January
  • Make a batch of soup just for my lunches/eat less frozen meals for lunch.  I didn't end up making extra soup just for lunch, but kept a LOT of leftovers from dinners and barely ate anything frozen.  I also picked up some more Yumm Sauce from Whole Foods and got back to makin' some bowls for lunch.

  • Plank/do core work at least 6 days a week - giving myself one day a week to space out.  Okay, I think there were two weeks where I only did 5 days of core.  Otherwise, I was really good about this and even set a daily alarm on my phone.  I'm just starting to work on the endurance, but right now I can do about 90 second straight arm planks, about 45 on my elbows and sides.  Now that it's become a habit, I'm hoping to increase my time by at least 15 seconds on each.
  • Get some PT for my wonky leg. Done!  I've seen my sports chiro who did some adjustments and ART therapy.  I can tell my leg is on the mend and I think I'll try to see him at least every 6 weeks to check in and not let this problem flare up again.
  • Refill contacts prescription. (exciting! done!)
  • Make scheduled maintenance appointment for my car. (more excitement! done!)

Goals for February
  • Start following a 13.1 plan to start increasing mileage/get ready for the Hot Chocolate 15K - more on that later...
which one....hmm.
  • Get things for the kids Valentines in a timely manner (no scrambling at the last minute this year!!) and work on them a little bit each day
  • Drink more water; at least 72oz a day.  I tell myself to do this all the time, but in a more generic way.  Having a concrete goal of three bottles a day should help me get on track.
  • Get up early on Thursdays to do cross training.  I usually take a rest day and run errands, go for coffee, etc. since my youngest is in preschool and I want to take advantage of at least one of the days (Tu/Th) that I have 3 hours ALL TO MYSELF.  I did a morning step aerobics tape or Jillian Michaels a few times in January, so I'm going to try to rise and shine before the family every Thursday in February.
  • Schedule time with the tax man - awww yah, good times.


  1. I love hte workout plan; as a runner myself, I'm going to take some tips from this plan