This Week's Eats 10.20.13

This has been quite the year for being struck down with illness.  It's one of the reasons I hesitate to ever do a fall marathon, like Chicago.  I've had at least one knock-you-down cold every October for as far back as I can remember.  This year, I've been lucky enough to have at least two and they turned into lovely things like sinus infections.  Anyhow, it really messed up our meal plan last week because I either didn't want to eat at all, or couldn't because my throat hurt too much.  I ate a lot of soup last week.  A lot.  But, 'tis the season for soups and I was glad I froze individual leftovers of Minestrone when we made it for dinner a few weeks ago.

After I portion them out, I lay them flat in the freezer to take up less space.

I also hit up Panera for their very tasty vegetarian Autumn Squash Soup, along with a small cup of the mac and cheese (one of my favorite guilty pleasures). 

If you haven't tried Panera's mac, you haven't LIVED.

   Therefore, we have a couple repeats from last week, including the Thai Quinoa bowls that garnered a lot of interest - did anyone make them?  Plus, my husband has a crazy work week, so I'm planning a few meals on my own of stuff he doesn't like! So, yeah, pretty much the same stuff I always do when he's MIA.  I've got seven meals and we'll be making them at our convenience - which means lots of salads, which is fine by me.  In no particular order (gasp!):

  • Pizza (if it ain't on Monday, we're still eating it ONE day this week)
  • Thai Quinoa Bowls (How Sweet It Is recipe pushed back from last week)
  • BLT Chopped Salads with Corn and Feta (waah, also pushed back)
  • 24 Hour Salad (old school pot luck salad with chopped iceberg lettuce, red onion, and peas topped with a layer of mayo, a dash of sugar, shredded sharp cheddar and bacon - it can be kept in the fridge for, you guessed it, 24 hours before you combine and season with salt and pepper)
  • Kale Chicken Ceasar Salads (I try to replicate my favorite Veggie Grill dish)
  • Penne with Vodka Sauce, Turkey Sausage and Peas (kicking up our favorite Rachael Ray vodka pasta)
  • Trader Joe's Butternut Squash and Creamed Spinach Gratin (I saw this in the Fearless Flyer and I'm dying to try it; will be a good go-to meal if I'm eating on my own.)
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  1. Argh! Forgot! Okay- thai quinoa bowls, definitely going on the menu next week. And I love that you have soup in the freezer, I need to stock ours up again!

  2. I love it when things don't go as planned and voila...freezer meal ready in a pinch! Off to check out the quinoa bowl recipe.

  3. So sorry you've been sick; the colds going around lately are brutal! I had one that was terrible for a week and now, two weeks later, I still feel a little stuffy!
    Hey, just curious, I haven't seen much talk about your fall/winter race plans. Doing any fun runs? I met you at the Snohomish River Run last year, I'm doing the 10K again. I'm also signed up for the Seattle Half and the Lake Sammamish Half Marathon.

    1. ah! I buried my fall/winter races in a Friday Things post here:http://www.bornandracedinchicago.com/2013/09/friday-things_27.html
      I'm going to Chicago to run Hot Chocolate 15K for fun, so no Snohomish run for me this year - yes I remember meeting you! Hope you get a course PR, it's always so fun to see improvement :) After the 15K I'm gunning for a PR at the Mustache Dache 5K and then I'll be running the Seattle Half for the 3rd year in a row. I'm contemplating revisiting the Lake Sammamish Half next year...

    2. I hope Chicago is awesome!! Crossing my fingers for a great 10K this weekend. Don't know about a PR. I'm undertrained compared to last year, but I'm not injured (which I was last year). I'm just looking forward to the weather forecast which doesn't including pouring rain :)