Friday Things and Running Playlist (and a Bobcat Tale)

Hey, guess what?  I'm sick AGAIN.  My doctor actually seemed taken aback by my sore throat today.  Awesome!  I pretty much have a standing order for Z-packs at my pharmacy now.  Anyway, since talk of illness is no fun...

Did I ever tell you guys my bobcat stories?  Let me back up a bit: my mom got a bit concerned by the Bridle Trails post, wondering why the trail was marked with a paw print - perhaps bears might be lurking?  (That's right moms, nearly 40 years later and you don't stop worrying!)  Anyway, I clarified that this was just the symbol for the particular trail.  BUT, earlier this week a freaking BOBCAT darted into the woods off the paved trail I was running, as I rounded the bend and scared him.  This was right by the Bothell business parks area - people could have looked out their office windows and seen this guy.  I completely freaked, even though I obviously freaked him out first.  He was gone in seconds, but I didn't know what to do.  The shortest way to the road was less than 20 feet ahead, but that's where I'd seen him and, ostensibly, I'd be going toward a bobcat.  If I turned back, I'd be running away and looking over my shoulder every second.  I decided to keep on the path and go the way I had intended, toward the road.  Even though I probably clocked a pace in the 6 minute mile range, those were the longest seconds of any run, ever.  What's funny is that we've had two incidents of seeing these suckers in our backyard over the years.  Yeah, our own backyard.  

This was back in 2010.  FREAKY OMG.

This was in 2012 - a slightly smaller one just, ya know, killing a squirrel in our yard.

We live along a greenbelt and there's all sorts of wildlife that I probably don't want to know about out there.  Although the sightings were in early spring, so I dunno what the one I encountered this week was up to...  Seattle!  Full of heart pounding adventure!

Internet interesting this week:

Speaking of putting your music on shuffle and skipping to hear the song you want anyway (Buzzfeed #33), I've been skipping to this one a lot: This is What it Feels Like by Armin vanBuuren.

Happy weekend, here's hoping that the Z-pack does it's job this time!

2013 Playlist
Pompeii by Bastille
Out of the Blue by System F
The Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi (Remixed by Steve Aoki)
Lose My Mind by Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso
Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay
Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes
Mirrors  by Justin Timberlake
Wake Me Up by Avicii and Aloe Blacc
Hey Now by Martin Solveig
We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke
Take You Higher by Goodwill and Hook N Sling
Justice and Independence by John Mellencamp
Glowing by Nikki Williams
Easy  by Porter Robinson (and Matt Zo).
I Could be the One by Avicii featuring Nicky Romero
Pair of Dice by Tiesto
Ain't No Stoppin' by Ferry Corsten (featuring Ben Hague)
Come and Get It by Selena Gomez
Apollo by Hardwell featuring Amba Shepherd
This Head I Hold by Electric Guest
Castles in the Sky by Ian Van Dahl
Feel this Moment by Pitbull, featuring Christina Aguilera
Into Your Arms by the Lemonheads
Just Give me a Reason by Pink
I Love It by Icona Pop
Little Secrets Passion Pit
Sovereign Light Cafe by Keane, remixed by Afrojack
Clarity by Zedd
Years by Alesso
Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
She Wolf by David Guetta, featuring Sia
Alive by Krewella
Illmerica by Wolfgang Garnter
Drowning by Armin van Buren
Give Me Your Hand by The Ready Set
Language by Porter Robinson
Cry for You by September
You Are My Diamond by Tiesto - featuring Kianna
Arguru - Deadmau5
We Are by Jus Jack & Oza, featuring Aeone


  1. OMG! Just moving from Seattle (safe and civilized) to Issaquah, I've been freaked out. Do I have to start worrying about bears and cougars now?!?!?! I ran into deer on the Lake Sammamish trail. What a difference one lake makes!

    Awwwww! I can't wait for to see the look on the BF's face when we see each other for the first time on our wedding day.

    I like the "Evenings" concept - I think the Starbucks stores that offer it tend to be cozier and open later than the others. It's both a good and bad thing.

    And finally, speaking of saying your name out loud - I lived with another Lindsay when I was studying abroad in Spain. We were nicknamed "Las Lindsays", but leaving voicemails was so weird! "Hi Lindsay, it's Lindsay. I hope nobody is listening right now because I totally sound like I'm calling myself."

    1. I think most of the wildlife will be scared of you and that it'd be rare to see anything. :) I love the Lindsay story! heh.

  2. Yikes about the bobcat! That is exactly why I need to have a trail running partner! I can't believe that was in Bothell:/ Last weekend I saw a scraggly looking large coyote running on the sidewalk on my way home from teaching bootcamp. Crazy!

    1. what's crazy is that I didn't see it on a trail - well, not a trail in the usual sense of the word. Just a path that winds behind the office buildings and through a small greenbelt!