Latest Top Ten Trader Joe's Picks

As I was scarfing down this butternut squash and creamed spinach gratin, I realized that the last time I went on about my love for Trader Joe's was almost a YEAR ago!  Time to remedy that situation.  Of course, I'm still over the moon about my go-to products, I have every single one of those items in my house right now, but here are some current seasonal favorites and new staples I've added in the last year.

First off, I've got to address our pumpkin favorites:
  • Pecan pumpkin instant oatmeal is awesome, especially with some dried cranberries.
  • I've been putting this pumpkin butter into our pancake batter, on toast, waffles, and in yogurt.
  • 'This Pumpkin Walks Into a Bar' is a perfect seasonal take on one of the kids' favorite Trader Joe's treats.
Speaking of the kids:
  • These chocolate chip brownie and oat bars are practically a daily after school occurrence.
  • The task of having to make lunches every day has been made SO much easier by having these sliced organic apples at the ready.
  • Trader Joe's version of baked snap pea crisps are also a lunch staple, which I steal from time to time..
My new favorites:
  • I have been kicking myself for not buying the rice from freezer section of Trader Joe's.  Perfectly cooked, quick and no cleanup.  It makes having rice dishes, like a Yumm Bowl, so easy for lunch, too.  
  • the spicy peanut vinaigrette is also a nice shortcut for some of our favorite salads and, wait for it.. rice bowls!
  • I admit it, I like kale.  (But I don't talk about it: this post is hilarious.) I put it in soup, make salads with it and bake it into chips.  Having it chopped and bagged like this makes using kale so easy.  

Any new favorites that I'm missing or should add to my cart next week?  I love hearing Trader Joe's talk!


  1. I LOVE the frozen rice and buy them all the time. Faster and easier than the 50 minute simmer brown rice! Not sure if it's as healthy, but I use it anyhow. I'm also a huge fan of the inner peas.

  2. I also really enjoy the nacho cheese kale chips!

  3. Oh man I love Trader Joes and I love kale and I'm not afraid to admit it :). I bought some of the pumpkin craisin pita crisps the other day and they are pretty darn tasty with some goat cheese! My favorite dressing of theirs is Green Goddess and I always have a backup in my pantry for when one runs out!

    1. Sarah mentioned those crisps and I looked for them this week and couldn't find 'em! Which means they're probably done for the season. Oh, yes, I've had the Green Goddess - good stuff!