My Latest Parenting Discovery (and Transformer Wedding Rings)

It's been awhile since I waxed poetic or went on a diatribe about the kids.  As they mature, many things have become easier.  Sure, some things are more difficult: the sass/talking back, from both kids, has grown exponentially over the last year or so.  But, mostly, I'd say the former holds true.  Watching my boy just beginning the 'big kid' years has been pretty darn cool.  Yes, watching him turn into a sponge at school, learning to read and write is fantastic.  But seeing the wheels of logic and reasoning turn in his head, seeing his pride in his schoolwork and sports, and seeing him grow into a person with independent thoughts and opinions is mind blowing.  

Sure, we still have a throwdown about something at least once a day.  This is usually the predictable result of a certain three year old charmer pushing his buttons.  Ohhh, little girls = master manipulators, plus little sisters will do anything to get big brother attention.  My kids are usually their best selves when they're on their own with me (or my husband) and not sniping at each other (shocker).  I've talked before about making an effort to spend one on one time with each kid.  For my daughter, this is the bulk of her days, obviously, only being away from me for six hours a week at preschool.  

I thought that this year, with my son being in school full day, that it would be harder to get that time with him.  But, we've still managed to have time for swimming and lots of fantastic quality time with soccer.  My husband and I take turns bringing him to practice, and sometimes games that are too early to drag the whole family out of bed.  Just the other day, when I was on early soccer game duty, he plopped himself down in my lap as I was reclining in my folding chair.  Something he probably wouldn't have been able to do if my daughter was at the game.  He rested his head on my shoulder, and I had a clear view of his profile as I wrapped my arms around him.  My eyes started to prickle and I could feel my throat closing up.  Just looking at the ever increasing spray of freckles across his nose, the roundness still in his cheek, his long eyelashes got me all verklempt

having a coffee date

Yes, he obviously benefits from this individual bonding time with me and my husband.  As I'm sure you can guess, my aha! moment (as Oprah would say) is that I really benefit, too.  It's like having weekly date night with my husband where we can just talk and enjoy each other and, essentially, reinforce how much we love each other.  After a week of back-talk, sniping with his sister, homework procrastinating, it's hard to remember the all-encompassing love I have for my big kid.  Being alone with him reminds me of how wonderful he is and it's like I regain my reserves of patience and tolerance with all the not-so-fun parenting stuff.  Which is a LOT of stuff.  

a picture he drew after a weekend where we spent lots of quality time together - I'm the one on the right, with eight fingers on each hand.  Apparently, he got the normal five...

When we're alone, I can just enjoy a quiet hug and love on him, plus I adore our conversations.  Lots of times he'll tell me stories of stuff going on at school that he doesn't get a chance to at the (chaotic, sniping) dinner table.  And most of the time he makes me laugh and want to squeeze him to death because he's so cute.  A favorite example:

Mom, you're ring is so SHINY.  Is it a crystal?
No honey, that's called a diamond.
Can I get one for Christmas?
Well, they can be rather expensive, I don't know if Santa would have enough money left for your other presents if he got you one.
Where'd you get your ring?
Daddy gave it to me when he asked me to marry him.
So, I'll get one when I get married?
I don't see why not - usually, though, you'd probably give someone a shiny ring - whoever you decide to marry.
Do you know who I'm going to marry?
Noooo, I have no idea.  But I can't wait to meet that person.
ME TOO! I can't wait!  Maybe I'll give them a Transformer Ring - you know, with an Allspark.  That'll be super shiny.

This conversation went on for quite awhile, but I can't remember the rest of it.  I wanted to write this down is so that I don't ever forget about Transformer Wedding Rings.  I can't wait to share it with his betrothed, whoever that may be.  I'm thinking this might not be the last of my kid-versations that I save here for posterity.


  1. You don't really get the "real" child unless you are alone with them. They are totally different when you have another child involved;) I love that you have one-on-one time with each of the kiddos. I need to do that more with my oldest. He is 13 and is not really into "mom-and-me" time unfortunately:(

    1. Oh, I'm fully aware that some of these things are fleeting (like sitting in my lap!) but, hey didn't you run Hot Chocolate with your kiddos? :)