This Weeks Eats 2/18/13

Happy President's Day!  Hopefully you, too, had the day off (well, my husband did) and enjoyed it.  Mine will be spent going to the dentist and the chiropractor - huzzah! 

FYI, the Thai turkey meatballs experiment from last week was really rather tasty.  If you give them a go, I'd advise adding some panko crumbs/put them in the fridge for a bit to help the meatballs keep their shape, and I pretty much doubled all the spices. 

For this week...

  • Monday - Pizza
  • Tuesday - Hawaiian grilled chicken brown rice and roasted broccoli (found on Pinterest: it has lots of my favorite flavors and looks super simple)
  • Wednesday - girls night out, complete with much needed margaritas
  • Thursday - Mediterranean chicken pasta
  • Friday - fish tacos (with breaded halibut from the freezer section of Trader Joes, along with all the usual fixins and this cilantro-lime cream sauce)
  • Saturday - spaghetti with turkey ragu (pretty much the same sauce recipe as our arrabiata, but with ground turkey)
  • Sunday - easy burgers on the grill and a big bag of those Alexia waffle cut fries (they had a big sale on them at the Safeway, I highly recommend checking out the 'Just for U' program, and I picked up a bunch of different potatoes to throw in the freezer)


  1. Mmm, we had fish tacos tonight. So yummy! Normal Monday here- hope you enjoyed the extra time off, despite the appointments. : )

  2. After I changed to a vegan diet fish tacos was one of the very few things I missed. Yum.

  3. love these meal ideas...might have to try a few! found you on Jill's link up and happy that I did :) the hawaiian chicken...YUM, can't wait to try!