January 2013 in Pictures

Yay, one month down on the photo a day!  Well, I could fit 30 pics in the collage, so I'm calling it good for January...

1. empty bottle from New Year's Eve
2. sunny park day
3. 'camping'
4. movie night cuddles
5. much needed tequila

6. much needed carbs
7. great wine find at Purple
8. pink ears
9. little shopper
10. yummy soup

11. Starbucks retreat
12. frosty trees
13. snow!
14. cozy pants and pug
15. a sampling of the Transformers collection

16. homework
17. Kindy bus
18. foggy week in Seattle
19. pancake helpers
20. mess

21. yoga!
22. Jump Planet!
23. Caspar Babypants!
24. cool new fun at the library
25. dancing

26. nature walk
27. school conference
28. Valentine's prep
29. new weekly grocery tradition (I get the salted caramel; hey, it's 2x$2.50)
30. sunny day


  1. love this! for some reason I keep thinking you live in WSea (hence the email about running there today) but Megan set me straight. Will venture out of Seattle soon to hit up all the Eastside ladies...!