Friday Things, on Tuesday! - Trying to Dwell in the Positive

(Errrr, edited to add that I thought this posted on Friday - guess hitting 'publish' didn't work, or my head really was that cloudy with Sudafed...  In any case, here's some Friday things on Tuesday!)

I'm trying really hard not to be Debbie Downer, but man...  If it's not one thing, it's another these days: another cold sweeping through the house, another pain in my leg (could only muster 3.5 out of my planned 6 miler this week (edited to add what I also think was a PW at the Valentine's Day dash) - more on that later), another bad day with the 5 year old, and another thing to throw money at: 8 grand towards a leaky roof.  Yay! Aaaaargh. 

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From the Oiselle Blog
Ever since Lauren's cards were put to a vote, I have been trying to keep this quote in mind.  I'm really working on developing the skill of dwelling in positivity.

Anyhoooo...  Other than taking the morning off with a great book at Starbucks yesterday and a long chat with my mom, here's what's helping me dwell in the positive lately:

I've contemplated joining a CSA, now I'm not so sure; this would TOTALLY happen to us.

We happened to catch the last part of my alma mater's win last night over my big brother's alma mater, sorry dude!

Addition to the playlist: Illmerica by Wolfgang Garnter

Happy Friday peeps, here's to a new 'tude and a fabulous weekend!

 2013 Playlist
Drowning by Armin van Buren
Give Me Your Hand by The Ready Set
Language by Porter Robinson
Cry for You by September
You Are My Diamond by Tiesto - featuring Kianna
Arguru - Deadmau5
We Are by Jus Jack & Oza, featuring Aeone


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