Marathon Training - Week 6 and Funny Movie Clips..

Week 6 in a nutshell:

  • Monday - planned: 3 miles & weights/did 3.5 easy on the treadmill and all the leg weight circuits
  • Tuesday - planned: rest/good thing it was a rest day because baby girl brought another lovely cold into the house
  • Wednesday - planned: 5 miles/did 30 Day Shred level 3 at home with still scruddy baby girl
  • Thursday - planned: bootcamp and a couple miles/tried to get in the 5 miles I missed on Wednesday and could only muster 4.7 with several walk breaks.  Argh!  My turn to have a cold.
  • Friday - planned: 7 miles/still feeling the cold so I did 3 miles on the adaptive motion trainer elliptical and saved the 7 for Saturday
  • Saturday - planned: rest or maybe elliptical/did 7.5 miles and felt pretty good
  • Sunday - planned: rest or yoga/um, maybe this cold isn't going away...? Felt crappy, but we did do a nice little walk around the watershed trails with the kids: 1.55 miles in about an hour. 

After that I rested like a BOSS and ate lots of chili.  I quite liked Beyonce's performance, the Tide 'Miracle Stain' commercial as well as the Samsung Galaxy one: I'd watch Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen read the phone book together.  One of my favorite movie scenes ever, from Knocked Up (well aside from when they're tripping on shrooms in Vegas - it's hard to find a decent clip of that on Youtube):

"I like the way you move." I die.  Or this scene from 40 Year Old Virgin?

"I saw you make spinach dip in a loaf of sourdough bread once."
Anyhoo!  It's funny, I've come to the conclusion that the one thing I thought I'd hate about the Higdon plan is the one thing I'm really digging: it's totally open ended, just miles - no specific workouts.  Normally I crave more structure, not LESS.  But right now, with weather, kid craziness, sickness, random aches and pains - going by feel seems to be the exact right approach for me.  Up next week: I try to run a 5K after getting in 9 miles!  Should be rife with hilarity...

Week 7 Plan:
  • Monday: 3 miles & weights
  • Tuesday: rest
  • Wednesday: 6 miles
  • Thursday: bootcamp, couple extra miles
  • Friday: elliptical or rest
  • Saturday: 12 miles is on the plan, so 9 miles + Valentine's Day Dash 5K
  • Sunday: family walk or yoga


  1. Week 6 weeeeeee! :) We got this!

  2. You can do it - I will be that Valentines Day Dash, bringing in the rear! :)