Everyday Life and Menu Plan (2.5.17)

How is it that my husband escaped the nasty cold my kids had last week and I did not? Blargh. It's been a very slooooow week. I'm glad to have a lazy day to watch some commercials, and maybe a little football, so that I can rally this week. Word on the street is that we might have another snow day tomorrow! So, I bumped up my usual Monday shopping trip and got it done today.

I almost always grab something new to me on my Trader Joe's trips and I'm pumped about this mixed nut butter. Mmmmm. And, as with the last round of potential snow, we hit up the library for extra books.
Hopefully I'll be doing a lot of this tomorrow.
I took this earlier in the week as part of the Bookriot daily #riotgrams challenge. The prompt was 'where I read' and 90% of my reading is done on the couch, hopefully with a huge latte. I'm mostly doing the challenge on Litsy, and I totally forgot to add Litsy to my favorite things list last week. If you are a total book nerd, it's a really fun social media app. It's like Goodreads and Instagram had a baby. As with Twitter and Instagram, I'm @BornReadChicago on Litsy and you should totally check it out.
As always, I'm linking up with Org Junkie, and now Beth Fish Reads weekend cooking - be sure to check out all the great weekly food inspiration!


  1. I've seen some posts from Seattle friends this morning (and one friend - not from Seattle - has been on the island all weekend) and it looks like you were smart to plan ahead, Andrea! I hope you're cozied up with your book right now! Also, I forgot about this Pesto Pasta recipe from Damn Delicious; I need to make that one again!