Everyday Life and Menu Plan (12.12.16)

This week was PERFECTION. My husband's birthday week is always a fun one, as it's during holiday season and it's usually when my mother in law comes to visit. She wasn't able to come out this year, but my husband still took time off of work to chill and do fun things. Like visit Tat's Deli!

I am a devotee to the Tatstrami, and my husband goes for the cheesesteak.
And THEN...
We finally got a real snow around here! It was perfectly timed on a Friday, and was everything the kids hoped it would be - snowman building, snowball fights, pancakes for breakfast and lots of hot chocolate.
I love they're at an age where I can just let them run around in the backyard and the snow is so NOVEL that it keeps them outside for hours. So, I got lots of reading done!
And it melted just in time for us to go out for our favorite date night dinner! The kids stayed blessedly healthy this time around.
Daniels had a special list of 'Manhattan Project' cocktails on the menu and the 'Portwood' with Rye whiskey, ruby port and maple syrup was heavenly. I don't know if any other week can top it, but we'll try.

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