Everyday Life and Menu Plan (9.25.16)

Urghhh. It has been one of THOSE weeks around here. Super crabby kids getting back into the swing of the school year, lots of after school commitments and my husband having to work late recently all conspired against me. At least we had dinner at our favorite restaurant on Saturday for an early 14 year anniversary celebration.

I was rather looking forward to this drink, and one of the reasons we decided to go a little early was because was Daniel's was having a September whiskey celebration and this Original Sazerac didn't disappoint. Luckily I was able to enjoy it, along with our appetizer when...for the first time ever... We got a call from our babysitter (just as we put in our steak orders) to tell us that our youngest had vomited! Did I also mention that this was a new sitter? Yeah. I was more mortified for that girl than I was truly worried about my kid. Kids puke. It happens. But when they are totally fine when you take off and leave them with the sitter? Not usually. GAH. So we ate rather rapidly and it wasn't exactly the relaxing meal I had hoped for. Alas, we'll probably schedule another dinner out soon and one to Daniels in a few short months. And we're still working on rescheduling that day date hike from last week the OTHER kid decided to postpone with a fever. GEEZE. Kids, man. When it rains it pours. Good thing they're pretty cute.
Our little trooper at one of TWO soccer games we had this week, with all of her entertainments. Looking forward to a hopefully incident free week...

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