Everyday Life and Menu Plan 9.18.16

It's been a slightly more relaxed week, and I was able to eke out a little more time on the hammock before we got a little rainy spell.

My husband and I had planned to get in a day-date hike to Bandera Mountain on Friday, but my older kiddo woke with a fever and a migraine. Kids man. They always know how to time their sickness perfectly. Alas, I sent my husband off on his own since he took the time off of work already and I'm not as comfortable hiking on my own. I jokingly lamented the photo I had planned to take for the Book of the Month Instagram contest, so he offered to do it for me and got a great shot that they reposted!
Thankfully it was a dreary and rainy day while my boy child was still sick yesterday, but he was feeling better as the clouds parted today and we got in a nice little walk about the zoo.
Here's hoping the rain stays away for an upcoming Friday so that me and the mister can reschedule a hike...

As always, I'm linking up with Org Junkie and Mommy Run Fast- be sure to check out all the great weekly menus! 


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