One Dozen Page Turning Romantic Novels

Happy Valentines Day! Over the years it's become more of a focus for my kids, filling out all of those twee cards for classmates. Although, we usually try and schedule a date night for the weekend, yet have never exchanged gifts. If I WERE to get a gift, forget a dozen roses - I can unequivocally say that I'd much rather have a dozen books! To that end, I thought it would be fun to put a list of my favorite romantic novels together. 

If I can find a way to recommend Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, I'm going to do it! The idea that this novel can be placed into one category (ostensibly Sci-Fi) is RUBBISH. I found it to be such a profound and thought provoking story about what makes us who we are and the ends we will go to for those we love. 
Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter is an epic, cinematic and sweeping romance that weaves together love stories from the golden age of Hollywood to present day. I'm still hoping that the movie version happens, because it's just begging to be made. 
If you haven't already read The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, why on earth not? It's hilarious, endearing and a book I recommend often because I've yet to meet someone who didn't enjoy this story of a man with Asperger's finding the love of his life. 
The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, as I've mentioned before, has many similarities to Dark Matter and is a total tear jerker. Two people who fight for each other against the odds of time and space, what's not to love?
I love Jojo Moyes work and I was one of those people who loved Me Before You. Since I'm gathering that it's a bit polarizing, I would suggest one of her novels with more overall appeal: The Girl You Left Behind. This is a wonderfully told historical fiction love story using the dual timeline approach: present day and WWI. 
Lastly, but certainly not least, My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares is probably my most favorite sappy romantic novel. The protagonist is reincarnated over and over, and through the centuries he retains the memory of his first love. He searches the world for her, her soul, in each new life.
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As I was thinking the list over, so many great love stories are YA and I had to make a separate category!
I couldn't decide between two of Gayle Forman's books, so I put them both on the list: Just One Day and the subsequent novels (Just One Year , Just One Night) are so lovely and engrossing. Like the film Before Sunrise, they are a little far fetched, but high on the swoon factor. 
If I Stay is her best novel, and I also enjoyed the sequel Where She Went. It's a heartbreaking and raw story, but a MUST READ. 
Speaking of must reads, you've all read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, I'm sure. So I don't need to say anything further, right? Right. 
Sarah Dessen is the QUEEN of YA romance and I've read quite a few, but I loved Saint Anything the most. She deals with tough issues in her books, but always creates a love story with characters you will fervently root for until the end. 
I read Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum recently and I couldn't put it down. It was predictable but DELIGHTFUL. 
I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson is one of my favorite books EVER. There are several love stories woven together masterfully in this unforgettable novel about love and loss.
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