Great 'Odd Couple' Pairings in Children's Books

It's been such a joy to watch my six year old develop as a reader. She consumes the usual stuff - The Puppy Place books, Magic Tree House, any nonfiction about animals, you name it. But, I've noticed that both of my kids tend to re-read and gravitate towards things that are just below their reading level and that are humorous. Funny reigns supreme in our house and for awhile now, my girl has been infatuated with the adorable pairing of Frog and Toad.

Reading Lobel's classics with her has been SO FUN, and the way these two play off each other cracks me up. My favorite story is 'Cookies' wherein they try to have the willpower to stop eating cookies by making the treats harder and harder to reach. Eventually, Frog puts them in a box tied with string on top of the refrigerator. When Toad points out that that he could just climb a ladder to get the cookies, Frog gives them to the birds and, although they've achieved 'willpower', Toad declares he will go home and bake a cake. I am SO a Toad. They make us laugh as much as Elephant and Piggie, whom she still adores, and they are always on the top of the pile in her room.
And that got me thinking about the completely obvious connection between the two: the hilarity of an 'odd couple' pairing. There are so many great early readers she still loves that fit this mold: Fred and Ted .

Mac and Cheese
Toot & Puddle

Bink and Gollie
And probably so many more that I should keep a lookout for, maybe a good Bert and Ernie book...
If you have a six year old, what are they loving right now? Recommendations for readers from six to a hundred are always welcome!


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