Summer Reading and Bucket List

Summer officially started this week, and I thought I would try again to hold myself accountable to a bucket list. After looking through last year's list, I think I'll keep with most of the items I had, and shall try valiantly to check off every one this year. But, first, summer reading is always on the agenda and has been in full swing since early June through our local library system. 

For each 20 minutes of reading, beginning June 1st, the kids can fill in a square on the sheet. Once they hit 500, they can collect a prize (a collapsible water bottle) and a medal after they hit 1000. Since they both usually color at least two or three squares a day, we will finish this challenge pretty quickly (I even took this picture a few days ago). But, it's still a fun incentive. I, too, am participating in the adult summer reading program! I set a goal online to read at least 14 books between June 1st and August 30th. I can earn badges and such, and I'm also entered into a drawing for a $200 gift card for participating, thanks to the King County Library Foundation. How cool is that? This is our first year participating in the local library summer reading program, since we have always made, and continue to make, our school's amazing program the priority. 
I snuck this pic of my eldest who was so excited his teacher was in attendance!
One day a week, our elementary school opens up the library for about two hours in the evening and the kids can pick out two books. They are given a reading journal, and each week they fill out a two page entry on the book of their choice. The first page is usually a way to summarize and answer key questions about the text, and the second is a 'word web' word association exercise. Then they sit down to go over it and talk about the book with a volunteer - usually a handful of their current teachers, and surprise visits from retired teachers or other school staff. 
This was the journal page my youngest chose to discuss I Really Like Slop. Yes, Elephant and Piggie still reign supreme in her world.
Once they are done, they get to pick out a sticker and a small piece of candy before switching out their books for the following week. The last week of the program is an ice cream social. It is SUCH a joy for the kids to come in and see their friends, their favorite teachers - old and new, and have access to their own school library. It's one of our favorite things about summer.

Hopefully we'll squeeze in a few more things in addition to our other favorites like the pool and the beach...

2016 Summer Bucket List!
  • Visit one new beach
  • See Finding Dory
  • Make s'mores dip (this recipe looks too easy to skip on this year)
  • Keep the annual visit to Remlinger tradition
  • Pick blueberries at Mercer Slough
  • Go to a free outdoor concert
  • Picnic at a new-to-us park
  • Mini golf
  • A family hike (hopefully to Big Four Ice Caves)
  • Go bowling
  • Visit the Great Wheel
  • Hit up a farmers market
  • See the new butterfly exhibit at the zoo
  • Get a babysitter squared away for my birthday dinner
  • Check out the car museum in Tacoma and/or the annual Kirkland Car Show
  • My two gimme items: family trip to Hood River and girls trip to Denver!


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