Hiking Snow Lake

Most Seattle area locals are familiar with this trail.  It's like a crowded moving party on lovely summer weekends.  Not exactly what you want when trying to enjoy the great outdoors.  So, I highly recommend going early on a weekday.

This whole kids both going off to school thing works out GREAT for hiking dates during the week!  Although we passed a fair amount of people going to and fro, we were still able to be on our own for most of the 6 miles round trip.  

I think the nitty gritty description of the trail is best left to the WTA website; this post is mainly a nice little photo dump of what you can expect to see on the trail on a sunny summer day.  A few tips, though: definitely bring sunscreen, because Snow Lake is more exposed than a typical trail off I-90 and prepare for lots of walking on ROCKS.  I forgot how much of the trail is rocky terrain.  

ROCKS. ROCKS. ROCKS.  Other than that, it's not terribly strenuous and the bang for your buck is well worthwhile.

After roughly two miles of this:

And some more of this:

You come upon the first glimpse of the lake:

Then you hike down a mile to views like this:

Whether on a sunny day or a cloudy one, 
(From our last visit, over six years ago - in AUGUST.)
I STRONGLY encourage everyone to get out and hike to Snow Lake!