This Weeks Eats 8.30.15

We've had some awful wind storms this weekend and I'm writing this pretty quickly in case the power goes out!  Yesterday we went without for about eight hours.  Not too bad, and we had an excuse to go out to dinner.  And I picked up a new phone case while wasting time at the mall...

Thankfully, by the time we got home, power was restored and we had a few stiff drinks after we put the kids to bed!  Specifically, this blackberry bramble recipe that I learned about from Mama Kat's hilarious YouTube videos.  

The fridge is overflowing with blackberries, since the field where my son's soccer team practices twice a week is surrounded by blackberry bushes.  I made a syrup last week and it's been quite tasty with gin for the bramble recipe, as well as bourbon for a fun twist on a mint julep.  Highly recommend.

This week...  
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