Update on Summer Bucket List and August Goals

Yay!  I'm glad to be back after my little summer blog break!  A couple of times I went to go reference what we were having for dinner during the week, and then realized I didn't have the menu (with handy links) on the blog.  Must get back to that next week...  In the meantime, I figure it's best to start back in with some goals.  There aren't as many items crossed of the summer bucket list as I'd hoped.  The second week of July, my oldest was siiiiiick.  Then the kids had a summer camp week.  And the crazy heat we've been having does not make us very adventurous.  On the super hot days, the backyard sprinkler and local beach that are so close to our air-conditioned house are the most appealing options.

Summer Bucket List
  • Visit at least two more new beaches, we're in a bit of a rut with two local favorites (Did one today!  Enatai Beach Park is a PERFECT little spot for a beach day with the kids.  We'll definitely be back)
  • Hit up a new pool 
  • Go to the movies on a hot day (Inside Out was delightful)
  • Make s'mores dip (DEFINITELY going to get this done in August - perhaps this recipe.)
  • Keep the annual visit to Remlinger tradition (It's been TOO HOT - hoping for a good day to go this month.)
  • Pick berries (We'll probably go to the Mercer Slough for blueberries again - so easy, so good!)
  • Go to a free outdoor concert
  • Picnic at a new-to-us park
  • Mini golf
  • Do at least one more family hike - maybe Wallace Falls, as it's been a few years
  • Visit the mister at work downtown and go out to lunch, maybe even check out the Great Wheel
  • Find a babysitter for my annual birthday dinner to Daniels 
  • Take a month long blog break!
Well, at least the most important items (the last two) got crossed off.

This month:

August Goals
  • Pack and escape for Birdcamp year two! Woot!
  • Organize logistics for Ragnar Trail (I'm now our team captain, eep!)
  • Do more hill work and start increasing my weekly mileage (see above)
  • Download pictures off my phone (I had to get my iPhone fixed last month and it died before I could make sure it was backed up/I could get all my pictures off of it.  Now that it's fixed, I really ought to do this!)
  • Get school supplies, ZOMG
  • Get kids haircuts
  • Cross off as many left over items on the summer bucket list as possible!


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