This One Time, At Bird Camp

The only way I'll be able to summarize all of last week is to break it down in a series of statements, American Pie style.  This one time at Bird Camp...

We talked and laughed for six straight hours on the drive to Bend, OR.  Women are good at that.

Nolana, Morena, Portia and Me
We picked up awesome bags of swag and there were boxes upon boxes of food for us to bring to our condos. SO MUCH DELICIOUS FOOD (which I will talk more about on next week's menu plan post).

We all felt like we knew each other already, even if we hadn't met in real life.  Thank you Twitter!

We were inspired by our fellow teammates, and amazing speakers we were so lucky to have in attendance.

Linsey Corbin, who just set the record for fastest Ironman by an American female!
Stephanie Howe this year's Western States champ!

Jay Dicharry, legendary PT and author of Anatomy for Runners
And of course, our very own Kate Grace, Lauren Fleshman and Kara Goucher (via Skype) - pictured with the aforementioned Stephanie Howe
We were asked a LOT of questions when we showed up to a local race with more than 90 of our teammates - my roommate claimed that she was asked how many camp counselors we had.  Uhhhhh...

We ran at nearly 4,000 feet elevation - which, for many of us, was HARD, yo. (Having unlimited Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale post race made up for it.)

We were blown away by the beauty of Smith Rock.  I need to go back there ASAP.

Monkey Face

I miss hiking...
We sat by a pool without having to keep children from drowning! So relaxing!

Actually not a beer - I may now be addicted to Kombucha...
We stretched and meditated with Jasyoga - and I didn't have to drive to Seattle from the Eastside to do so!

We were led in campfire songs by Lauren Fleshman, like whoa.

We ran the river trail along the Deschutes, which was right behind our resort.

We shopped and imbibed as much as possible in town.  Bend is adorable.

We ate our last dinner together alfresco at sunset, which included amazing street tacos and doughnuts for dessert! 

Me and one of my roommies, Raine who I got to spend the most time with - love her!
We witnessed the hilarity when 100 women descend upon a cute little bar, in a little town, with a little dance floor.  I was cry laughing at many points during this trip, but mostly on this night.

Yes, this was the most bare bones post ever, but it would really take way too long to go into every wonderful detail of this amazing trip.  Many times I found myself saying that it's a lot like Ragnar, but with a little more sleep and a lot more showers: bonding, running, great times and so many inside jokes (Sir, this bus is on fire! & She's living her best life!).  I'm so thankful to Oiselle for the years of camaraderie and to Sally, Sarah, Kristin, Katie the Little Wing gals and everyone at The Nest that made this all possible.  We made memories that will last a lifetime.  We were 'living our best life' last week, that is for sure.  I already miss you Bend, and can't wait to see you again...


  1. I wanna go baaaaacccckkkkk. Love the post!

  2. How have I not seen the new look of your blog yet? Love it! And I loved this recap :)

    1. thanks! hoping that I can get the weird space fixed above the header soon :/ Can't wait to read your recap :)

  3. thanks for the recap! I've loved reading so many different posts about bird camp. It truly looks like an amazing time!

  4. OMGEE! Luv this post friend! I need to write up a post too. So happy I got to room & spend so much time with you! <3 A few of my fav parts of this post: "Sir, this bus is on fire!" & "We sat by a pool without having to keep children from drowning! So relaxing!".....had a really great time! Here's till next year's #birdcamp...but hopefully I'll make it to Seattle by then! <3 ;)