August Goals and Ways to Support Every Mother Counts

First of, a check in on July Goals:

Continue with 100 Happy Days pics.

This has become quite the habit!  I'm pretty sure I've been consistent since May 1st, and should hit 100 by Friday.  I did register at 100 Happy Days.  I wonder if I'll get some notification when I've hit 100...  Either way, I have a new goal for August while I finish out this challenge.

Finish the run streak.

Not only have I finished, but I've kept going!  I'm on day 73!  I've used Charity Miles for every single run except for the two days of running Ragnar (because I wasn't getting a signal on my runs and I didn't want to kill my battery).  Part of me is thinking maaaaybe I could shoot for a year.  Another part of me is thinking that it might get a lot harder in the winter with inevitable bad weather and illness.  For now, I'm going to keep it up as long as I feel good.

Have a blast at Ragnar and make sure my family is 100% healthy before I leave!

Eat some sort of frozen treat with the kids once a week.

Total gimme. My favorites are the fruit bars they sell in the SUP shack at our local beach. 

Not freak out about turning 40...

August Goals:
  • As I said before, I'm going to finish up the 100 happy days challenge, but I've started using the one second a day app to make monthly videos and it's already really fun.  I'm excited to share my first one next month!
  • Continue with the run streak.
  • Run smart in Bend and don't overdo it just because I'll be surrounded by a bunch of fasties.  We are all doing a local 5K during our running retreat (amongst A LOT of other running/hiking) and I started thinking about time goals and decided that I just want to run for beer.  I have another 5K a few weeks later, the Women of Wonder at Greenlake, and I'll save any goal setting for that race.
  • Get school supplies - eeeeep!
  • And last, but not least, I added an August goal that I've already checked off my list - but sometimes you have to put something on a list just to cross it off, am I right?  Making a donation to my teammate Paulette's Every Mother Counts NYC Marathon fundraising goal was definitely on my to-do list for awhile and I've checked it off the list this month.  
It will be the third time that I've supported a friend running for the cause.  If you'd also like to support Every Mother Counts (which you can read more about here - really if you are a mother or know a mother, it's a very worthwhile cause), you should hop on over to Paulette's fundraising page!  OR run charity miles, which I think I've explained enough about here.  OR buy awesome Oiselle duds! OR go buy the beautiful Stella and Dot 'Enlighten Bracelet' from my cousin's page!

Seeing Every Mile, Every Mother made me recount my own not so easy births.  I had preeclampsia symptoms with both kids, and eclampsia by the time I checked into the hospital with both.  It was terribly frustrating to be a person with normally low blood pressure, only to have it skyrocket when pregnant.  I am so grateful that I had the care available to me so that my babies and I were safe and healthy.  All women should have the care they need.  That the film was introduced by Sally and Christy Turlington Burns herself was pretty awesome.  

She is even more ridiculously beautiful in person (even in a non-air conditioned Seattle summer event), and it's obvious that she is on the inside, too.


  1. As a streaker (on day 220), I hope you will continue streaking! This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I initially planned on 365 days, but I honestly don't see myself stopping. I've made it through one sinus infection so far! Good luck!