A Few of My Favorite Things (and June Julep Review)

Because I just talked foodstuffs on Monday, I thought I'd share a few other favorites lately.   And, yes, my JUNE Julep polish! My how the time has flown since I did a Favorite Things update.  And I have since foregone the Julep subscription; I just don't need THAT MUCH nail polish.  But, I went out with some great colors: 

Bergen, cool blue grey with a little shimmer
Colette, a dark violet with a little shimmer
Also, I got a lot of compliments on the polish I wore during Bird Camp, if you are so inclined it was Julep's 'Monaco' from the March collection.

Ah, just a few more days until school starts!  Summer has gone pretty quickly and smoothly this year.  I'm really thankful that I decided to implement a suuuuuper simple chore chart back in June that I can easily transition to the school year.  At first, I thought that I'd make some sort of Word doc and then remembered there's Pinterest - where you can find free downloads for pretty much everything.  Why reinvent the wheel?  I LOVE these charts that I found from The Gilded Pear.  

I don't have any hard and fast rule about screen time in our house.  Some days it's hours, some days it's not even a minute (I loved this post from Pile of Babies on the matter).  However, adding a bit of structure into the summer with the chores made it easier to say, "OK, we've spent most of the day outside, and now your chores are done - you can play with your Kindle/watch tv/play with the computer."  Highly recommend for those that are just easing into the whole chores/allowance thing like we are.  I like that it has an 'earn extra money' category, as well as an 'I can be kind and respectful' section to give them a warning if they're not toeing that line.  Right now it's 3 frown-y faces in that section and we deduct a dollar from the two dollars a week.

Oh happy day, the new Oiselle capris are on the website now!  Run, don't walk to get your hands on them - they are ridiculously awesome.  The 'off the grid' knickers are so comfortable and flattering with a wide waistband, plus they have the most awesome pattern.  
Party pants!
I went with the most neutral black/grey during our team pre-shop and loooove them.  But, after seeing the other more colorful versions on everyone at Bird Camp, I promptly ordered the Bergen and am anxiously awaiting their arrival, along with the long awaited knicker version of the Go Joggings.  YES.  

There are certain songs that seem meant for summer.  I'll listen to Vampire Weekend all year long, but I feel that their music is best suited for long summer nights.  My favorite summer song has crossed over to my running playlist from the non-running, it's THAT GOOD.  If you haven't listened to Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub yet, treat your ears to this oh so fantastic song.  I'm happy just thinking about it.

I'm also loving Waves by Mr. Probz, also a great chill out song, but there are a lot of good remixes out there that can translate to my running playlist.

I must admit that I learned of the awesome duo Chromeo via Yo Gabba Gabba (Nice n' Clean is a good lesson for all), and Jealous is a fantastic summer jam.  


  1. Lots of goodies in this post! I love the Bergen nail polish!

  2. Great favourites! I grabbed the black/grey off the grid knickers along with the Indigo go joggings as soon as they popped up on the website! I will likely grabbed the bergen ones too. They looked so great on all the ladies!

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