This Weeks Eats 6.1.14

It was such a lovely weekend here in Seattle.  I was able to have a Saturday to myself and have probably posted enough pictures of my adventures already to Instagram.  However!  I forgot this one:

That right there is a latke sandwich.  Brilliant.  I went for the Classic Combo with honeycrisp apple, caramelized onions and brie, among other things.  Fantastic.  Napkin Friends is a mobile food truck and they were on site at Hilliards Taproom for lunch after our morning Jasyoga yoga and beer session.  Yet another incentive to get to the next event at Hilliards.  Now to convince the mister that we should TOTALLY make latke sandwiches...

Nope, no latke sandwiches on the menu just yet.  I must say that the Spinach Salad from last week was fantastic and I'll definitely add it to our rotation.  It was nice to change up the cheese and use goat cheese instead of our standby blue, or the occasional feta.

As always, I'm linking up with Org Junkie, Mommy Run Fast and Jill Conyers - be sure to check out all the great weekly menus!


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  2. It was a gorgeous weekend here, too! Wish I could come over for a few of those meals... yum!!

  3. Yummy menu as always! The mexican lasagna [almost] makes me wish I ate meat!