June Goals and May Check In

Goals from May:

Run smart, healthy and strong coming back from my year long hiatus from the half marathon.  Well, I suppose one could say that I made sure I ran my race healthy - so I got one thing right...

Make an appointment to get my hair under control, it's been three months since my last visit to my stylist. Done!

Update our Christmas memory book.  
Also done!  I highly recommend this lazy person's way of keeping a tangible journal of each year.  I write a year in review of sorts, in addition to holiday anecdotes and I love having a keepsake of all our Christmas cards as a family.

Our first family card!
Easy peasy, when you remember to do it, that is...

Do the 100 Happy Days challenge.  This has been rather fun.  It's good to remember the happy in every day and I love an excuse to take more pictures.

Goals for June:
  • Keep on keepin' on with 100 Happy Days on Instagram.
  • Now that I got my hair taken care of, it's time to deal with baby girl's crazy mop of hair that cannot be contained no matter WHAT I do.  Her hair is perfection once it's air dried after a bath.  Then she sleeps on it and it's all over.  Hoping that chopping an inch or two off will help tame it.
  • Speaking of kids, I need to decide if and what kind of summer camps we might do and get them booked.  I'm usually a fan of Skyhawks sports.  They're reasonably priced, the kids have a ton of fun and definitely burn off all their excess energy.
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I've added the #RWRunStreak hashtag to all of my Charity Miles.  Yep, I'm attempting the Runner's World summer run streak: a minimum of one mile a day from Memorial Day to the Fourth of July.  So far I've managed ten days and I can already tell that it's a little bit more tiring to run every single day.  I'm balancing out my longer runs, though so that I don't increase my mileage too quickly.  But doing a mile before hot yoga last week made class noticeably harder!  In a good way though; I'm glad to have a new running challenge that isn't tied to a time goal.  Additionally, I'm trying to do all of these miles outside and with Charity Miles.  But, I'll be happy if I average at least 75% on the app.
  • And the biggest goal of the month!??  Acclimating our NEW PUPPY to the family.  Again, if you're following along on social media, I shared this pic a little while ago.

Chewy (short for Chewbacca) will come home on Saturday and we are fuhhhhreaking out!  Yay!  It's been bittersweet, going through some of Peeps' old things.  And I've even had some anxieties akin to when we were expecting our second child: will I love this one as much as my first?  Will he be as awesome?  Ah, but of course he will.  He'll have his own unique little personality that will probably be totally different than Peeps, but equally wonderful.  I apologize in advance to any of my Twitter, Instagram or Facebook friends for the deluge of pictures that are sure to ensue starting Saturday! 


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