This Weeks Eats 5.04.14

The week of birthday crazy has begun in our house!  I can't believe she's FOUR.

First mani-pedi! She chose blue for her toes and pink for her fingers. 

We had her special dinner out at Zeeks (a favorite local pizza joint) and cupcakes from Trophy Cupcakes.  The kids each got a Neapolitan, my husband got a Black Forest, and I tried the Nutella cupcake.  

All were fabulous.  I really wish I was into baking fancier things like cakes with nifty flavored frosting.  At least when we buy the cupcakes, we all get to sample several different kinds and I don't have a weeks worth to plow through at home.  Plus, I can concentrate my efforts on making more energy bars!  I highly recommend these homemade Z bars.  I added two tablespoons of cocoa powder and a 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to the batter.  Then I mixed in coconut and chocolate chips before baking.  YUM.  The Enchilada Quinoa Bake from last week was also very yummy - definitely recommend.

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  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Your meals all sound delicious :) I really want to try that greek meatball salad!

  2. She is so cute! Pedicures are such a great idea- I need to take my daughter for a special day like that soon!